BriForum 2013 Chicago: Results from Past Desktop Virtualization Bake-offs and How to Create Your Own

Last year, Shane and Jarian spoke about the ingredients for conducting a successful desktop virtualization bake-off.  Attendees were provided with a framework for conducting their own bake-offs. This year, we're back with a Desktop Virtualization Bake-off Cookbook and real world results from various bake-offs that were conducted using our bake-off framework. We've noticed through many customer engagements that a lot of people are moving forward with specific solutions for the wrong reasons. It's our goal as part of this session to make sure you understand how to determine the business requirements and pick solutions that relate directly to your needs.  The following topics will be discussed:  

  • High level overview of Desktop Virtualization Cook Book Framework
  • Deeper discussion on determining business needs and choosing your bake off candidates
  • Real world feedback from various customer bake-offs
  • Open Format discussion around audience bake off experiences


Attendees will walk away with an actual white paper containing the detailed framework for conducting vendor agnostic Desktop Virtualization Bake-Offs.

Presented by Shane Kleinert & Jarian Gibson

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