BriForum 2013 Chicago: Performance Analysis and Monitoring of Multiple Servers on the Cheap

There are a lot of ways to monitor the performance of one or two servers.  But what happens when you need to monitor more than one or two servers?  Or when there just isn't any budget for monitoring in today's lean IT budgets?  Or even worse, when all the monitoring tools are silted away in some other part of the organization you never hear from until your customers are beating down the doors?  There is at least one free tool that can help - Microsoft's Server Performance Advisor.  Newly revised for Server 2012, SPA is more powerful and robust than ever. Ian will take a look at what SPA is; its requirements, and what it can do for you.


Topics covered will also include:

  • A decent free option for monitoring up to a least 100 servers
  • What kind of usefulness can you get out of free product
  • How can I implement SPA in my environment
Presented by Ian Parker
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