BriForum 2013 Chicago: Passwords Are Dead. Two Factor Authentication is Ready for the Masses

A deep dive discussion about two factor authentication.  Topics covered will be areas that two factor is good at securing (SBC/VDI) and areas where two factor authentication is less useful (web site protection).  The different types of two factor authentication will be covered providing the benefits and weaknesses of each approach.  Also several two factor solutions on the market will be covered and info will be provided on how they integrate with the various SBC/VDI, etc solutions.


Topics covered will also include:

  • What specific technologies two factor authentication is good at protecting (hint: websites and online banking aren't one of them)
  • Review of various two factor authentication solutions on the market and what the strength /weaknesses of each platform are
  • Integrating two factor authentication with the various SBC/VDI platforms 
Presented by Shawn Bass
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