BriForum 2013 Chicago: Learn All the New Features of RDS 2012 and How They Compare to XenApp

RDS 2012 is here and by far the best release ever by Microsoft.  This session will show you, hands-on, how to do it and the snags you will find along the way. At the end, Claudio will walk through a quick comparison on how it stacks up against XenApp 6.5. This will definitely be an eye-opening session showing you that, in many cases, RDS 2012 can be your savior and the only solution you may need!


Topics covered will also include:

  • Understanding RDS 2012
  • Deploying a full RDS 2012 environment
  • Comparing RDS 2012 with XenApp 6.5

Presented by Claudio Rodrigues

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