BriForum 2013 Chicago: Hijacking Dropbox for Fun & Profit (Or Maybe Just for Software Distribution)

The rise of consumer file sharing services coupled with new advances in application and data virtualization provide cutting edge companies with all the building blocks required to build a secure enterprise software and data delivery platform with almost zero infrastructure costs.  We will show how services such as DropBox can be used to deploy applications to multiple users securely over the internet while ensuring that data generated by these apps remains intact and replicated regardless of where it is stored on the end users system.


Topics also covered include:

  • Application virtualization paired with any number of cloud services creates a powerful and cheap alternative to legacy systems management tools
  • The same principles applied to client virtualization can be applied to data management resulting in transparent security and manageability
  • Less is more when it comes to the future of device management

Presented by Randy Cook

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