BriForum 2013 Chicago: Becoming an IT Hero: Leaping from Desktop Virtualization to EMM

If you are like Noah and have followed Brian Madden for more than a decade, you have a shared passion.  Simply put, our goals were enabling end users to get applications and data anywhere on any device.  The big vision is coming to reality - through next generation mobility.  This session will focus on the next decade of computing transformation and why it will impact your day job, and soon become the focus of your business' transformation.   The session will not just dive into the marketing fluff but the demonstration and technical depth of why we’ doing this mobile stuff, beyond connecting email, how is mobility REALLY changing business with hard ROI. We’ll also compare traditional PC management to mobile management and take a look at what rocks, and what sucks.     

Key takeaways include:

  • The skills and technologies I already possess make me a thought leader in making my business a mobile juggernaut
  • Deeper technical understanding of how mobile systems work, and what's coming next.  Importantly - why my business is going to care
  • Develop a pragmatic plan to help the business enable and/or accelerate mobility - what works, and what really doesn't
Presented by Noah Wasmer
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