BriForum 2013 Chicago: An Objective Look at In-Memory Storage for VDI and Virtualization

In this session, Chetan describes the coming disruptions to storage that will affect the industry and BriForum attendees in fundamental ways because of the advent of "in-memory" storage.  Chetan will provide a highly technical dissection of how in-memory storage works and how applications in VDI and XenApp/Terminal services can take advantage of them.  Chetan will also make bold predictions about what this means for the desktop of 2020 and what that will look like.

Topics covered will also include:

  • Flash and SSD storage are so 2012
  • Software will eat hardware in how fundamental computer building blocks are built
  • In-memory storage - what is it? why you should care about it?
  • What can In-memory do for your VDI or XenApp/Terminal Services project
  • What does the future look like based on how the storage technology vectors are trending
Presented by Chetan Venkatesh
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