BriForum 2012 London video: So, You Just Inherited Someone Else's Citrix Environment. Now What?

Imagine that you just found the new job of your dreams: You are now a system administrator in a large enterprise. Everything is going like clockwork, except for one major problem: There are 5 different versions of Presentation Server in use and there is no documentation for any system. Now imagine you are a consultant ready to do an assessment of Citrix infrastructure, but nobody in the company knows how many farms and servers exist, or how they are configured. In this session, Denis Gundarev will share tips on how to document infrastructure and tricks on how to find all components or users that are "forgotten." Attendees will learn several methods for elevating permissions and taking ownership of forgotten systems.

BriForum is our independent Desktop Virtualization and Enterprise Mobility conference, held in both London and Chicago. Registration for both shows is currently open. The price to attend the two day London show is currently £895. The three-day BriForum Chicago is currently accepting registrations at the Super Early Bird price of $1295 through April 26, after which the price will rise to $1495 until June 14 before ultimately going up to $1595. We're very proud of these shows, and as you can see in the video below, we have some amazing speakers and topics!

Presented by Denis Gundarev

This video was previously recorded at last year's BriForum London.

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