BriForum 2012 London video: Demystifying Microsoft Licensing for Client Virtualisation Environments

This session will provide an in-depth view of how to license Microsoft products while utilizing client virtualization technologies.  With the continued focus on virtualizing the entire data center, migrating client technologies into the data center, disaster recovery and cloud computing, Nathan will explain why compliance is key to any organization's success to ensure the proper and compliant use of Microsoft software for any project involving client virtualization.  Attendees will learn what the compliant way to virtualize is, and will get a glimpse of what the complexities are when it comes to software licensing in virtual machines as well as the costs involved to implement client virtualization.  Attendees will walk away with the knowledge needed to determine how to implement their solution based on the benefits of the licensing models as well as fix any compliance issues in order to avoid unnecessary fines.

BriForum is our independent Desktop Virtualization and Enterprise Mobility conference, held in both London and Chicago. Registration for both shows is currently open. The price to attend the two day London show is currently £895. The three-day BriForum Chicago is currently accepting registrations at the Super Early Bird price of $1295 through April 26, after which the price will rise to $1495 until June 14 before ultimately going up to $1595. We're very proud of these shows, and as you can see in the video below, we have some amazing speakers and topics!

Presented by Nathan Coutinho

This video was previously recorded at last year's BriForum London.

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