BriForum 2012 London session video: The Future of the Enterprise Desktop

Even though we have all these cutting-edge desktop virtualization technologies, it seems that the "desktop" of today is really not that different than the desktop we've been providing for the past 20 years. Sure, we can remote it or stream it or virtualize it, but it's still a Microsoft Windows desktop with Windows apps and a Start Menu and profiles and DLLs and registry settings. And no matter how much we talk about the future and web apps, we just can't get away from Windows! That said, we're started to see some little glimpses of the future here and there. Maybe we will be able have some apps on mobile devices which will replace Windows apps? Will we be able to use something like Citrix CloudGateway or VMware Horizon App Manager to combine web and Windows apps? Will tablets kill PCs? Will touch kill the mouse? What about HTML5?

In this session, Brian will attempt to put this together to look at what the enterprise desktop will look like. This is not some kind of heady outer space futurama vision, rather, he'll look out just a few years to see what we need to start doing now to make sure we're not caught off guard. (And, like if or not, the desktop of the future is still going to involve Microsoft Windows apps.)

BriForum is our independent Desktop Virtualization and Enterprise Mobility conference, held in both London and Chicago. Registration for both shows is currently open. The price to attend the two day London show is currently £895. The three-day BriForum Chicago is currently accepting registrations at the Super Early Bird price of $1295 through April 26, after which the price will rise to $1495 until June 14 before ultimately going up to $1595. We're very proud of these shows, and as you can see in the video below, we have some amazing speakers and topics!

Presented by Brian Madden

This video was previously recorded at last year's BriForum London.

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