BriForum 2012 Chicago session video: The Essential VDI Design Guide

So you've decided to deploy a VDI solution? Fantastic! you need to make some big design decisions to determine what your final solution will look like. Information in this session is "from the trenches" based on real-life scenarios, not vendor best-case fantasyland. Since we're being honest, cost matters, so we'll also be covering some sample costs for these decision points and their alternatives.   Where possible this facilitated design session will remain VDI solution agnostic.  This session will cover sizing and design for the following components.  Hypervisor: What decision criteria are important when deciding between different hypervisor options? How does my hypervisor decision impact the rest of my solution? If I use VMware vSphere should my VMware vCenter server be physical or virtual? How does my hypervisor impact potential storage solutions I'm considering?  Server: Should I choose blade or rackmount servers? Should I use 2 or 4 socket servers? How much CPU overcommit is reasonable and how to I monitor for CPU bottlenecks? How much memory should I be buying for my host servers? What hidden memory requirements should I be aware of?  Storage: What are my options for local vs SAN? How many VM's per datastore should I have? Should I be using spinning disk or flash/solid state disk? Is there a difference in choosing between iSCSI, Fibre Channel, NAS? What hidden storage requirements should I be aware of? How do I monitor for storage IO bottlenecks?

BriForum is our independent Desktop Virtualization and Enterprise Mobility conference, held in both London and Chicago. Registration for both shows is currently open. The price to attend the two day London show is currently £895. The three-day BriForum Chicago is currently accepting registrations at the Super Early Bird price of $1295 through April 26, after which the price will rise to $1495 until June 14 before ultimately going up to $1595. We're very proud of these shows, and as you can see in the video below, we have some amazing speakers and topics!

Presented by Dan Brinkmann

This video was previously recorded at last year's BriForum Chicago.

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