BriForum 2012 Chicago: 10 Cool Ways to Use NetScaler to Deliver Hosted Virtual Desktops

This video was previously recorded at last year's BriForum Chicago.

OK, so maybe Citrix has been a bit pushy with them. Yes, they're expensive as all get out, they're a networking appliance, and they don't run Windows. You may be thinking "I'm a desktop virt pro - why on earth would I want to use this stuff in my system stack?” Sure they load balance my internal components, wrap my HDX in SSL (and all 'that other stuff') but...seriously?!  Fair points, fair question. They seem to be from a different world to a Windows desktop virtualization professional, but once you've used one in a system you'll wonder how you lived without NetScaler.  This session will explore some of 'that other stuff' - you know, the things the marketing peeps babble on about but struggle to make relevant to my world - and leave you with real-world examples and "how-to's" that will give you a whole new appreciation for the role of "Application Delivery Controllers" in a desktop/application delivery system.

Presented by Rick Dehlinger & Henrik Johansson


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