BriForum 2011 London video preview show

BriForum 2011 London is only a few days away. In this special edition of Brian Madden TV, Brian & Gabe give a preview of next week's show, including which sessions they're most interested in. See you all in London!

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Love the Jason and Brandon video! Nice one guys!

Hope we see some Brian and Gabe puppet action at Stamford Bridge next week too!




For people that cannot attend, will the sessions be availble on DVD?


@Arthur - This is a tough one to answer, because while we can make the DVD's, we don't get many requests for them. It's a time-consuming, expensive process (in terms of time and production costs), and there's typically only a handful of people that buy them.

The best thing I can tell you, and everyone else that wants DVD's, is to email me at If we get a large groundswell of support, then we'll take a hard look at it.

Now, while we probably won't do DVD's, we can make the videos available online for people. I'll see if we have a formalized plan in place for that. Keep in touch with me by email if you're interested in that.


I can tell you right now.

NO, we will not make physical DVDs, but...

YES, we will sell access to the sessions on the website.. In year's past it's been somewhere around $500.. You pay that and we add you to the group where you can view and watch them online. (They are not downloadable since we have a custom flash player which players two videos--the speaker and their screen--side-by-side.

We'll make an announcement when they're ready.. probably a month (give or take) after the show.

Now, to Gabe's point, if hundreds of people want physical DVDs, then we can do them. But that's really expensive and in the past we learned that most people just wanted access to the videos.. they didn't care if it was online or DVD.


I'm really bummed out to be missing BriForum London - VMware has it's worldwide R&D conference in Monetray next week.

However, I've managed to send Kevin Goodman to represent the View Product Management team, and we have lots of other VMware attendees, including people from R&D in the UK (where we build our broker).

Have a great show everyone.