BriForum 2011 Chicago session announcement video

We're happy to announce that we've just selected the breakout session for BriForum 2011 Chicago which will take place July 19-21. Gabe and I are busy with Citrix Synergy this week in San Francisco, but we spent a few minutes (well, 37 minutes) today talking through the sessions that we accepted for this year's show.

We were overwhelmed with submissions and unfortunately only had room to accept about one-third of the sessions that were submitted. Thanks to all who sent in proposals, and congratulations to this year's speakers!

Here's a list, in case you don't want to watch a 37 minute video :)

RDP, RemoteFX, ICA/HDX, PCoIP, EOP, Blaze and RGS: VDI Remoting Protocols Turned Inside Out v2.0 Benny Tritsch & Shawn Bass
5 forgotten Windows features for Citrix environments Denis Gundarev
Windows IOPS Deep Dive: What IOPS means to you and why you can't do VDI without knowing about them Jim Moyle
Mandatory and Default User Profile Tuning Jon Wallace
XenServer, Hyper-V, & vSphere for the Agnostic Administrator Mike Nelson
Completely configuring you desktops via Win2008 R2 GPOs: How to live without "Registry hacks" in your images! Ron Oglesby
Server virtualisation: Success! VDI: Not so Much. Why VDI Adoption Has Been Slow and How Desktop Virt Will Change the Future Ron Oglesby
User Environment Management Smackdown Aaron Parker
Lie to me - Using Built-in Windows System Filter in Virtual Deskt Benny Tritsch
An Intro to Powershell and Why You Need It Brandon Shell
Get Down and Dirty with XenDesktop 5 CLI Brandon Shell
SBC Roundup 2011 Claudio Rodrigues
Applied Math for VDI Design Daniel Beveridge
XenApp or XenDesktop... Which one is right for you? Daniel Feller
Cutting Edge Operational VDI Tips - Prevention of Becoming Bleeding Edge Dwayne Lessner
App-V: Advanced Techniques for Post Sequencing Hal Lange
Windbg for System Administrator Ian Parker
EdgeSight for the Resource Manager Addict Ian Parker
MFCOM to PowerShell: How to Make the Transition Jason Conger & Brandon Shell
Bits and Bytes of Citrix Data Packets Jo Harder & Rick Dehlinger
Introduction to Storage and How it Applied to the Virtual World Joe Shonk
Edgesight Under the Hood John Smith
Best Practices for Windows Layered Management John Whaley
Reducing IOPS, Utilization While Improving Performance in VDI: Guide to Building Consistent, Predictable Virtual Desktops Michael Thomason & Kevin Goodman
Going Beyond Templates and Clones - Automate Your OS Deployments and Become a Deployment Guru Mike Nelson
Large Farm Design Considerations: Scaling XenDesktop in the Enterprise Nick Rintalan
VirtuAll User Environment Manager: A Deep Dive into a Free User Environment Management Tool From Its Creator Pierre Marmignon
Coping with Internet Explorer 6 Shawn Bass
Citrix Provisioning Services Survival Track “Revolutions“ Thorsten Rood
Citrix XenClient Hypervisor: myths and facts about real world readiness Thorsten Rood
What's new in App-V 4.6 SP1 Sequencer Tim Mangan
Antivirus strategy and VDI  Vincent BRANGER
Project Virtual Reality Check (VRC), Part 1 - Introduction to TS & VDI Best Practices Jeroen van de Kamp
Project Virtual Reality Check (VRC), Part 2 - Latest and Unpublished Results Jeroen van de Kamp
The Consumerization of IT Brian Madden
HDX Multimedia Decoding Rick Dehlinger
BYOC: Real world implications and implementations Claudio Rodrigues
The Future of the Desktop Brian Madden & Harry Labana
A Single Handheld Device for Everything: The Nirvana Phone, Heaven or Hell? Jim Moyle
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