Automated Deployment Best Practices, from BriForum 2005

This is a video of a breakout session from BriForum 2005.

Session Description: You have a lot of terminal servers with Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server installed. You have a lot of applications and you want to be able to install them repeatedly in exactly the same way. But how do you deploy the operating system and your applications to your terminal servers in the most efficient way? There are so many different methods you can use: Manual installation, unattended installation, scripting, Microsoft Systems Management Server, Microsoft Automated Deployment Services, Citrix Installation Management, enteo NetInstall, Altiris Deployment Solution, Wise Installation System, Symantec Ghost, etc. This session will explore the pros and cons of the varying methods as well as the combination of different methods in a deployment framework. You will learn which methods you should use in which situations, and when you should just skip it all and install things the old fashioned way. Finally, you will see how an automated deployment framework provides a complete lifecycle management for your terminal server environment.

Presented by: Benny Tritsch

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