Appthority introduces an automated App Reputation policy engines that integrates with MDM

At AirWatch Connect this week I had a chance to catch up Appthority. On Monday they announced a new automatic compliance and policy engine that makes blacklisting or monitoring specific categories of mobile apps a lot easier.

If you're not familiar with Appthority and the concept of mobile app reputation, check out this video and this article. Basically, there are a lot of different behaviors that can make an app risky to have on a device that also contains corporate data, even if it the app isn't outright malware. Appthority analyzes mobile apps to find all these different behaviors and attributes. There are a few other vendors that do this now, but still, this is seriously cool stuff.

While Appthority gives lot of information about app threats, up until now it was up to administrators to manually figure out what to do with the information on their own.

This new release automates the process by allowing admins to build policies around different categories of threats. The policies are passed through to MDM, which can take care of enforcing them on mobile devices. (AirWatch and MobileIron are supported right now.) Appthority even has templates to build groups of policies for different compliance regulations, like HIPAA, COPA, and etcetera.

For a better look at how all it all works, check out this video with Mark Hodgson, VP of Marketing at Appthority.

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