Android for Work is out. How do mobile virt. vendors differentiate? Graphite Software explains.

For several years now we've been talking about all sorts of mobile virtualization and dual persona Android devices. This conversation has mostly been in the enterprise context, with the goal to keep corporate apps and data secured and separated from personal apps and data. But now that Android for Work is rolling out with its own built in data separation, how do existing mobile virtualization and dual persona Android vendors differentiate themselves?

In this video from Mobile World Congress 2015 Alec Main, the CEO of Graphite Software, explains the additional features offered by their product, Secure Spaces. You might remember my hands on review of Secure Spaces from last August. Since then, it's been polished a bit more and included as part of the Silent Circle Blackphone. Just this week at Mobile World Congress, Graphite also announced a Secure Spaces cloud management service.

You can find the rest of our Mobile World Congress coverage at our 2015 recap article.

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