An update on ControlUp, plus a sneak peek at their next version with historical monitoring

I once called ControlUp "The management tool I wish I had when I was a full-time admin," and over the years they've continued to live up to that statement. Version 4.1 includes hypervisor integration, which gives real time metrics for ESXi and XenServer (Hyper-V support coming). You can start from the host and drill all the way into a process in a VM (or the other way around). The most interesting metric is something they've called the "Shawn Bass number," which shows the ratio of vCPUs to CPUs. Shawn asked for it to be added because it's hard to tell if you're overcommitting CPUs.

They also have added something called Script-Based Actions, which adds the ability to create your own management actions and add them to the ControlUp interface. They even have a community portal (curated for safety) for sharing them.

So far, ControlUp has been focused on real-time information, but in the next release they'll be taking that real-time data and putting it in a historical database so that you can run reports based on the data that they collect. This is putting ControlUp into a new category, competing with all the other monitoring companies that are doing reporting. Their interface allows you to correlate problems with processes, logon times, VM and host metrics in a cool way, and it's very simple to deploy and use.

The beta for this will be available in July. For more information, check out Also, ControlUp will be sponsoring BriForum (July 20-22...more info on this awesome, technical EUC conference here), so stop by and check them out. In the meantime, check out my demo video with Yoni Avital from Citrix Synergy 2015:

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