A first look at MokaFive’s mobile data management iPad app (MokaFive for iOS)

[NOTE: This video was originally published on February 27. We just moved it back to the top of the list today since MokaFive announced their iOS solution today. If you're seeing this for the first time, here's a demo of what everyone is talking about on twitter.]

Last week I got a look at Mac in Minutes, MokaFive’s client virtualization product, as well as a new mobile data management iOS app that will go with it. MokaFive’s founder and CTO, John Whaley, gave us a demo. For more about MokaFive’s client virtualization product, check out MokaFive layering still isn’t a part of any VDI solution. But with the success of their client virtualization product, does that matter? at BrianMadden.com.

The desktop part

If you’re unfamiliar with client-based desktop virtualization, check out the first half of this video for an overview of MokaFive Suite / Mac in Minutes. Client virtualization has long been hailed as a way to accommodate Macs or BYO computers in the enterprise. Unlike with VDI, the virtual machine runs locally on the client device, so there’s no need for a network connection, and no issues caused by remoting.

MokaFive Mac in Minutes allows companies to quickly deploy managed, client-based virtual machines on personal or unmanged Macs and PCs. The Mac in Minutes package comes a server software component, a client hypervisor (VMware Fusion), and a generic, pre-built Windows 7 VM. When the VM is booted up for the first time in a domain, it will look for a KMS server and then be ready to go. Mac in Minutes was first announced in at Mac IT World.

The new mobile app

The exciting announcement here is that MokeFive will soon (they couldn’t say exactly when) be releasing an iPad mobile data management app. The app synchronises all of the files from a user’s MokaFive LivePC (their name for client-based virtual machines), making them available on the iPad. Since the VM is managed out-of-band, there’s no need for users to do anything special with their files to get them into the mobile app; they’re just already there because MokaFive Suite already has access to all them. The app has all the typical mobile data management capabilities—it checks in to the server, open-in and clipboard privileges can be limited, it can be integrated with other iOS apps, it has remote locking—all features that pretty much standard these days.

One interesting part of the solution is that there’s no web portal and there’s no native client for any desktop OS platforms. The idea here is that all the data stays within the MokaFive environment, and is never allowed to leave, but because there’s a native iOS app, users won’t be tempted to take data out of the environment anyway. Many people’s first reaction would be to complain about the lack of a web portal or native client, but if users have access to their data on their laptop (via the VM) and iOS devices, then most of the bases and use cases should be covered. There’s no Android app yet, which could be a problem for many users, because while many corporate tablets are iPads, many personal tablets run Android.

MokaFive refers to their desktop solution as “making a Windows desktop an app on your MacBook,” and that’s certainly fitting here. With device-native mobile data management integrated with client-based virtual machines on laptops, the corporate realm should be usable and wide enough to keep employees (or at least the ones with iOS devices, for now the Android users will be out of luck) from resorting to unsafe practices, all without having to manage any users’ devices.


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A first look at MokaFive's mobile data management iPad app(MokaFive for iOs)


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first look at MokaFive’s mobile data management iPad app (MokaFive for iOS)