2012 Consumer Electronics Show wrap-up

In this video, Colin Steele and I give our thoughts about what we found at the Consumer Electronics show this year.


Stay tuned for more videos! For now, here's a quick overview of relevant announcements, products, and information we found at CES:

  • Windows 8 There weren't really any big announcements at Microsoft's Monday night keynote, though we did learn that Metro UI apps will run on both ARM and x86 processors without any re-compiling.  Read my response to Microsoft's keynote on BrianMadden.com. On a related note, Gabe wrote an article discussing the future of Windows and ARM.
  • FUIT Devices I had a chance to check out many great products from vendors that enable users to get around their IT department's restrictions.
  • Remote hosted Android It's cool that someone's doing this. The company is Myriad AG, and their product is Alien Vue Dalvik.
  • Consumer devices that can be thin clients Set top boxes and TVs can now be thin clients.
  • Motorola Droid 4 with Citrix receiver If you get certain enterprise options, that is.
  • VMware Horizon Mobile devices
  • Kinect for Windows Now Windows applications will be able to take advantage of the Xbox's motion-sensing technology.
  • Windows Metro app store
  • Market research in IT departments From the a consumerization of IT session sponsored by TechTarget (among other interesting thoughts expressed during the panel session): Have members of the IT department do market research to be able to see trends coming, so that IT can be ready to accomodate the next iPad or Dropbox.


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