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Brian is wrong. Why Windows 8 on ARM (WOA) will be good for the enterprise!

By Denis Gundarev 14 Feb 2012

Two days ago, Brian wrote a post "Microsoft releases details about Windows 8 on ARM (WOA) tablets, confirms it's safe for enterprises to keep buying iPads." In his article, he said that WOA will not be good for ... Read More

Microsoft details Windows 8 ARM (WOA) tablets, confirms safe for enterprises to keep buying iPads.

By Brian Madden 12 Feb 2012

By now you've probably heard that Microsoft's main Windows guy Steven Sinofsky wrote an 8,000-word blog post last week describing the technical details of how Windows 8 will run on ARM-based tablets. Recall that we... Read More

Windows 10 and real desktop apps on Qualcomm: Windows takes another step into the mobile world.

By Jack Madden 19 Dec 2016

This fixes all the problems from the last time Microsoft tried Windows on ARM, but the interesting part is thinking of it as another new “mobile” feature in Windows. Read More

Four things we're looking out for at MMS next week (plus, tell us what you want us to look for)

By Gabe Knuth 12 Apr 2012

As we gear up for MMS (by "we" I mean Jack), we're trying to focus on certain areas of the show, since a lot of it doesn't necessarily apply to desktop virtualization or consumerization. Read More

How you can "buy" back your users' admin rights for $399

By Brian Madden 29 Mar 2012

One of the goals of many desktop admins is to get control of users' Windows desktops. Doing so means that your desktop environment will be cheaper, easier to manage, and more secure. Read More

Microsoft UE-V heralds a new era of user virtual…oh wait, we had this already. What's it all mean?

By Gabe Knuth 05 Apr 2012

Microsoft has been busy, apparently. This week, they announced betas of both App-V 5 and something new--UE-V (presumably meaning User Environment Virtualization, but I'm no scholar). Read More

Brian & Gabe LIVE #18: Kevin Goodman joins in to discuss Windows 8 on ARM and more.

By Brian Madden 13 Feb 2012

Two cool things for this week's Brian & Gabe LIVE show. First, we were joined by Kevin Goodman, eight-time BriForum speaker, founder of RTO Software and creator of VMware's "Persona" product. Read More