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What's Microsoft's real reason for killing VECD?

By Brian Madden 22 Mar 2010

By now you've all read about the changes Microsoft made to virtual desktops licensing last week, including: If you have Software Assurance (SA), there's no more "virtualization tax." (In other words, you don't have... Read More

Microsoft creates two “VDI Suite” bundles. VECD lives on :(

By Brian Madden 15 Jul 2009

Microsoft's Worldwide Partner conference is taking place this week in New Orleans. There have been several announcements around desktop virtualization, including one about Microsoft bundling *most* of the ... Read More

Microsoft VECD licensing, Licensing for VDI scenario's

By Ruben Spruijt 01 Oct 2007

While preparing for my presentation @ BriForum next week AND all the discussion about VDI within the industry i thought that this information could be usefull. Microsoft created a special licensing format for ... Read More

Microsoft makes more changes to VECD. They're still screwing us though.

By Brian Madden 11 Sep 2008

Last week, ComputerWorld's Eric Lai wrote about the changes that Microsoft made to VECD. Read More

With last week's VECD licensing change, is Windows 7 now the cheapest client?

By Jeroen van de Kamp 21 Mar 2010

The VECD licensing changes Microsoft recently announced made me wonder: is a Windows-based client with SA cheaper than a non-Windows non-SA client in a VDI scenario? Read More

Microsoft rethinks virtualization rules for Vista: Now (legally) run it in a VM, lowers VECD pricing

By Brian Madden 22 Jan 2008

It's been almost a year since Microsoft officially announced their licensing policies for using Vista in virtual machine environments. Today they made a few changes to those policies. Read More

The #FixVDA movement is awesome! Here's why it won't work. :(

By Gabe Knuth 25 Sep 2013

Just last week, Falko Grøfe and Jeroen van de Kamp released a white paper that clearly shows purchasing VDA for your VDI environment-which you need to do in order to deploy Windows 7 or 8-is significantly more ... Read More

At Synergy, Microsoft fulfilled licensing changes announced last October, but we still need SPLA

By Gabe Knuth 20 Jun 2016

Windows licensing is finally getting more flexible, but it still has a little ways to go. Read More

Are single user Terminal Server VMs running on Windows Datacenter a loophole for VDI without SA?

By Brian Madden 07 Nov 2011

One of the worst things about desktop virtualization is that Microsoft's licensing rules around it are complex and draconian. (Behold the power of a monopoly!) Read More

Think Citrix XenDesktop is cheaper than XenApp? Don't forget about Microsoft OS licensing costs.

By Brian Madden 01 Jun 2008

This blog entry was written by Rob Hammersmith, a Citrix sales engineer in the US central region. He wrote it in response to some blog items I posted over the past few weeks. Read More