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Sometimes it’s okay to say no to BYOD and have two phones (for users or IT!)

By Jack Madden 16 Oct 2018

For all the progress in EMM software and mobile operating systems, sometimes combining the conflicting worlds of work and personal on one device just doesn’t make sense. Read More

Friday Notebook, October 19: ManageEngine EUC news; Cloudhouse growth

By Jack Madden 19 Oct 2018

Also: Login VSI on Win10 1809; Desktop App Assure; Google Play licensing; WVD and Citrix; having two phones; public cloud billing; and more. Read More

Corporate devices are getting all the love these days, but BYOD challenges remain

By Jack Madden 18 Oct 2017

Plenty of people still carry two phones, a completely rational act. Read More

Friday Notebook, January 11: Citrix Summit 2019 from an outside perspective

By Jack Madden 11 Jan 2019

Also: Stratodesk and ThinPrint; ClearCube; Cisco; benchmarking audio; how to block sideloaded apps; G Suite accounts; Samsung; OneLogin; and more! Read More

How do you block sideloaded app installation on iOS or Android?

By Kyle Johnson 09 Jan 2019

It’s super easy for someone to download sideloaded apps onto their devices these days, so is it easy for corporations to block them, too? Read More

Friday Notebook, September 14: Get ready for iOS 12 and new iPhones

By Jack Madden 14 Sep 2018

Also: The major US carriers announce a consumer IdP initiative; BlackBerry Security Summit; workflow apps as SaaS security; 4G for your office; and Workspace One Intelligence and Trust Network. Read More

Jack: My favorite articles of 2018 (and why I wrote them)

By Jack Madden 20 Dec 2018

Plus a few other year-end thoughts. Read More

Update: Moka5 kept a skeleton crew to support customers, is looking for a buyer

By Brian Madden 03 Apr 2015

Earlier this week I reported that Moka5 appeares to have gone out of business. Today I received a phone call from Vlad Kolpakov, Moka5's VP of Finance for the past two years. Read More

After mobile app management, the next step for BYOD can be split phone numbers and split billing

By Jack Madden 26 Jan 2015

While BYOD always gets a lot of attention, lately two specific related trends have come to the fore: having separate work and personal phone numbers routed to a single mobile device, and more options for split ... Read More

iOS MDM needs to get better at BYOD, but Apple might make it harder (December 2018 update)

By Jack Madden 12 Dec 2018

The iOS MDM experience for BYOD has fallen behind the latest versions of Android, and some customer needs aren’t being met. It’s time for some big changes in iOS device management. Read More