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Microsoft should be ashamed at how awful the Surface RT tablet is. (The rant to end all rants)

By Brian Madden 22 Jan 2013

Okay, I know that everyone is dogging on the Microsoft Surface RT tablet these days. I knew Windows RT had its issues, but beyond some cursory playing around, I never really sat down and tried to use one until ... Read More

Friday Mobility Roundup: Kindle Fire, Surface RT, Mocana, Code42, Citrix, BlackBerry, and Samsung

By Jack Madden 03 Oct 2013

Over the last week or so, several announcements and stories came through that we didn't cover in full articles. They're definitely interesting and still worth mentioning, though, so today we're doing a Friday ... Read More

Consumerization Nation #16: Windows Phone 8 MDM, Surface RT, and dual persona MAM

By Jack Madden 06 Nov 2012

Windows Phone 8 MDM, Surface RT, and dual persona MAM Read More

I spent the past 48 hours with a Microsoft Surface Windows RT tablet. Here’s my review.

By Jack Madden 28 Oct 2012

Last Friday we received our Microsoft Surface RT, and, like thousands of other bloggers, I spent the weekend playing with it and writing a review. Brian is somewhere on the other side of the world, so you're just ... Read More

Can Intel Windows 8 Pro tablets ever come close to the low power and long batteries of ARM devices?

By Brian Madden 23 Jan 2013

Earlier this week I wrote an article (well, a rant) about Microsoft Surface tablets running Windows RT. (Actually it was a rant against Windows RT in general. Read More

Microsoft kills Windows RT. "This is a huge mistake!" says no one.

By Brian Madden 25 Jan 2015

One of the best announcements from Microsoft's Windows 10 event last week as that they're killing Windows RT. There are no words to describe how happy I am about this. Read More

Windows 10 and real desktop apps on Qualcomm: Windows takes another step into the mobile world.

By Jack Madden 19 Dec 2016

This fixes all the problems from the last time Microsoft tried Windows on ARM, but the interesting part is thinking of it as another new “mobile” feature in Windows. Read More

BrianMadden.com Live Podcast #53: 2013 year in review

By Jack Madden 29 Dec 2013

This podcast was originally recorded on December 17, but we're republishing it today in case you missed it since we're off through the end of the year. Read More

Why are Chromebooks still a thing? Seriously…who uses these things?

By Gabe Knuth 14 Oct 2013

Over the past few weeks, I've noticed a lot more chatter about Chromebooks than I usually do. I've spent the last few years actively ignoring them after getting a bad taste in my mouth from the first batch of ... Read More

Why I want a Windows 10 S laptop with a Qualcomm ARM chip

By Jack Madden 03 Aug 2017

Since I think this is what the future of laptop/desktop computing looks like, it’s time to jump in. Read More