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Friday Notebook, September 21: Citrix optimizations for Teams; Sapho

By Jack Madden, Kyle Johnson 21 Sep 2018

Also: All things iOS 12 and iPhone Xs; browser extensions; Microsoft Managed Desktop; notes from the field on MTD; iOS and Android security; ManageEngine; Workspace One Trust Network, and more! Read More

Citrix acquires Sapho for $200 million to bring “micro apps” into Citrix Workspace

By Jack Madden 15 Nov 2018

Micro apps are consistent with Citrix’s workspace strategy, so this should fit right in, especially if they keep getting more popular. Read More

Friday Notebook, November 16: Wandera and IBM Security; BlackBerry to buy Cylance

By Jack Madden 16 Nov 2018

Also: Citrix and Sapho; Centrify and Idaptive; Samsung; SimpleMDM; 2019 predictions; streaming video games; blog recommendations: and more! Read More

How can Citrix become more strategic for customers? A conversation with CMO Tim Minahan

By Jack Madden 18 Dec 2018

Citrix chief marketing officer Tim Minahan says that Citrix is addressing C-level concerns about employee enablement; and the Sapho acquisition is beginning to sound more strategic than I initially thought. Read More

What is Microsoft Flow: A quick look at Microsoft’s workflow app

By Kyle Johnson 18 Sep 2019

Organizations have so many IFTTT tools to use, Microsoft Flow is another one. Read More

Citrix Synergy 2019 live blog!

By Jack Madden 21 May 2019

Citrix Synergy is taking place this week in Atlanta, Georgia. Follow along to hear the latest news. Read More

Friday Notebook, October 25: Parallels RAS 17.1; Pradeo

By Jack Madden, Kyle Johnson 25 Oct 2019

Also: Stadia and ‘negative latency;’ Microsoft Defender; Linux on DeX shutting down; and a lot more! Read More

What does employee experience mean to end user computing?

By Jack Madden 10 Sep 2019

Striving towards a better employee experience, Citrix and VMware are working on a bevy of new products. Is this the new, expanded definition of EUC? Read More

Citrix and VMware are all in on ‘workflow’ apps. So, what is a workflow app?

By Kyle Johnson 12 Mar 2019

Workflow apps that help improve productivity on mobile devices (though useful on desktop, too). Read More