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Octopus is the production codename for a VMware file sharing application for the enterprise.Read More

VMware Octopus hits Apple App Store

By Colin Steele 03 Apr 2012

VMware has quietly released an app for Octopus, its enterprise cloud file-sharing service. The app, labeled version 1. Read More

VMware Project Octopus is now available in beta

By Jack Madden 02 May 2012

VMware announced the beta release of Octopus today. Octopus is VMware's Dropbox-like file syncing service. Read More

VMware is making progress with their "Octopus" on-premise Dropbox-like product

By Brian Madden 19 Jan 2012

At VMworld last year, VMware announced something they were working on called "Project Octopus" Read More

Brian & Gabe LIVE #22: We discuss Dell & Wyse, why we're not VDI "haters," plus VMware's Octopus

By Gabe Knuth 03 Apr 2012

We didn't have a guest this week, but we got to cover a lot of great material. Here's the line-up: Our new studio improvements Dell acquiring Wyse leaves a lot of questions-and neither party could provide any ... Read More

Brian & Gabe LIVE #23 - Part 3: BriForum, VMware Octopus, and our new radio show with Jack Madden

By Justin Meisinger 05 Apr 2012

VMware Octopus, and our new radio show on Consumerization with Jack Madden and Colin Steele Read More

Listen to Consumerization Nation live at 1pm EDT / 10am PDT with guest James Furbush

By Jack Madden 02 May 2012

James Furbush was at BlackBerry World this week, and he'll be joining Colin and I to talk about what he saw there. We'll also talk about Citrix Synergy, VMware Octopus, and Horizon. Read More

VMware puts its EUC money where its mouth is

By Colin Steele 17 May 2012

When the VMware View iPad client hit the App Store last year, I argued it was a lesson in contradiction. Read More

What I'd like to see from VMware's end-user computing team

By Colin Steele 27 Aug 2012

At this morning's VMworld keynote, VMware said it would focus more on SMBs, then spent a significant chunk of time demoing advanced products and technolgies, such as vCloud Director and software-defined networking.... Read More

Citrix buys Dropbox-like company "ShareFile." All eyes on Palo Alto to see what Citrix will do next.

By Brian Madden 14 Oct 2011

Yesterday Citrix announced that it bought a file-sharing company called "Sharefile." Citrix claims Sharefile is like a corporate version Dropbox or Box, though I've yet to find anyone who's ever heard of them. Read More

VMware Horizon App Manager now available in on-premises version

By Jack Madden 02 May 2012

Today VMware announced that Horizon App Manager 1.5 is now available for on-premises use. Read More