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Samsung is trying the “Nirvana Phone” concept with Galaxy S8 “DeX”. Here are my initial thoughts.

By Jack Madden 29 Mar 2017

Can one device that acts as both a phone and a desktop really take off? Others have tried, but maybe Samsung pushing it on a popular Android phone will help. Read More

Review: Can the Nirvana Phone concept finally catch on with HP’s Windows Continuum-enabled Elite x3?

By Jack Madden 09 Mar 2017

So many things to talk about. TL;DR: It’s the best Nirvana phone yet and it could work for certain verticals, but Continuum needs more refinement and there’s still a Windows 10 Mobile app gap. Read More

The BrianMadden.com Friday Notebook: March 31, 2017

By Jack Madden 31 Mar 2017

Featuring Samsung’s “Nirvana” phone, Dell Wyse, ControlUp, Jo Harder on Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop Essentials, Apple EMM updates, AMD, Lookout, and more. Read More

Why the "Nirvana Phone" concept is still crazy, even with a Citrix X1 mouse

By Brian Madden 03 Jun 2015

At Citrix Synergy last month, Citrix gave every attendee a free Citrix X1 mouse. This mouse, if you haven't heard, is a Bluetooth mouse that can pair with an iPhone or iPad to let you have a real mouse in a remote ... Read More

The BrianMadden.com Friday Notebook: March 10, 2017

By Jack Madden 10 Mar 2017

Featuring Dizzion DaaS, Appdome MAM, Neverware’s Chromium OS varient, HP’s Windows 10 Mobile-powered “nirvana phone,” Google Cloud, and more. Read More

I talked to a real-world Samsung DeX pilot customer, the Chula Vista Police Department

By Jack Madden 25 Apr 2019

It’s taken a while to get here, but DeX is solving a lot of problems for CVPD in one fell swoop. It’s all about having the right use case! Read More

Citrix's "nirvana" phone is here in the form of the Motorola Atrix. It's awesome, but not nirvana.

By Brian Madden 10 Jan 2011

For the past year or so, Citrix's Chris Fleck has been writing about something he's calling the "Nirvana Phone." The Nirvana Phone is not a specific device from a specific handset maker, rather, it's more of Chris ... Read More

A Single Handheld Device for Everything: The Nirvana Phone - Heaven or Hell?

By Brian Madden 29 Jan 2012

With the convergence of devices and the availability of Citrix Receiver and other remote protocol clients, it is now possible to access all of your applications and desktops from a Smartphone. Read More

Wow. Just Wow. Why do hardware vendors keep trying these laptop/phone docking systems?

By Brian Madden 08 Jun 2014

It's been three and a half years since we last talked about the "Nirvana" phone concept. (This is the idea that users somehow want a phone + laptop/tablet docking station combo so they only have to carry "one" ... Read More

Friday Notebook, October 6: VMware Horizon update, DaaS for DeX, Edge for iOS and Android

By BrianMadden.com Editorial ,Jack Madden ,Gabe Knuth 06 Oct 2017

We also cover Citrix layoffs, Google Pixel 2, and more on Microsoft Ignite, including RDS updates and SCCM co-management details. Read More