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Was ‘bring your own computer’ (BYOC / BYOPC) ever really a thing?

By Jack Madden 10 Oct 2019

BYOD arrived out of necessity, but BYO laptop was always trickier. Fortunately, supporting diverse endpoints (i.e., issuing corporate Macs) is easier now. Read More

Is the world ready for the BYOPC / employee-owned PC?

By Brian Madden 17 Jan 2010

We've written quite a bit about the Bring-Your-Own-PC (BYOPC) / employee-owned PC concept over the years. (Check here and here if you're not familiar with the concept. Read More

Citrix and VMware test the "employee-owned PC" with their own employees

By Brian Madden 20 Oct 2008

By now most of you know that I love the concept of the "employee-owned PC." If you're not familiar with it, it's the idea that instead of the IT department issuing a standard corporate laptop to their employees, ... Read More

The rise of the employee-owned PC in a world where CIOs are losing control

By Brian Madden 09 Apr 2007

A few months ago there was an interesting conversation on Slashdot about how IT departments are starting to fear their users. Read More

NIST offers mobility best practices guide based on COPE deployments

By Kyle Johnson 07 Oct 2019

Mobility isn’t a new concept, but it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start if you don’t have a framework in place, which is where NIST guidelines come in. Read More

What is Microsoft Flow: A quick look at Microsoft’s workflow app

By Kyle Johnson 18 Sep 2019

Organizations have so many IFTTT tools to use, Microsoft Flow is another one. Read More

BYOPC: IT Panacea or Management Nightmare?, a video from BriForum 2010

By Brian Madden 10 Aug 2010

IT departments are starting to look seriously at BYOPC (Bring Your Own PC) or employee-owned PC initiatives, driven by a range of factors. Read More

Bromium Protected App: Bromium is finding additional use cases for their micro-VM technology

By Rachel Berry 10 Dec 2018

Previously, Bromium’s goal was to keep an entire laptop protected. Their new product is now targeting other forms of isolation. Read More

iOS MDM needs to get better at BYOD, but Apple might make it harder (December 2018 update)

By Jack Madden 12 Dec 2018

The iOS MDM experience for BYOD has fallen behind the latest versions of Android, and some customer needs aren’t being met. It’s time for some big changes in iOS device management. Read More

It seems like BYOC (computer) is dead these days, with everyone focusing on devices. Is that right?

By Brian Madden 03 Aug 2014

When we first started talking about the "BYO" (bring your own) concept on BrianMadden.com, we talked about it in the context of employees bringing their own computers, as in "BYOC" or "BYOPC. Read More