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Why Citrix shouldn’t add mobile device management to CloudGateway

By Jack Madden 08 Jul 2012

Citrix has recently been hinting that Cloud Gateway could include mobile device management (MDM) capabilities in the future. While MDM could add certain features to CloudGateway, the industry in general is starting... Read More

Citrix Synergy 2012 video: CloudGateway 2 mobile application management

By Jack Madden 11 May 2012

In this video, Citrix's Gary Barton gives a demo of CloudGateway 2's app wrapping capabilities, officially called the "app preparation tool." Read More

Who will Citrix buy to add mobile app management to CloudGateway? Let's make some predictions!

By Jack Madden 22 Apr 2012

Citrix has a new-ish product called CloudGateway which is their product that combines the delivery and control of Windows, web, and SaaS apps. Read More

Listen to Consumerization Nation live Thursday at 1pm Eastern / 10am Pacific

By Jack Madden 27 Jun 2012

Citrix may add MDM to CloudGateway AT&T Toggle now uses OpenPeak instead of Enterproid App stores, MAM, and SaaS Read More

Does Citrix’s new mobile app management strategy mean they’re now competing with Good?

By Jack Madden 14 May 2012

Last week during the Citrix Synergy keynote, Citrix announced that CloudGateway v2 will do mobile application management and app wrapping. Read More

Consumerization Nation #8: Colin and Jack talk about Citrix MDM, types of MAM, and AT&T Toggle

By Jack Madden 28 Jun 2012

Citrix is hinting that CloudGateway might include some MDM features in the future MAM can't control SaaS The two different types of MAM AT&T Toggle Read More

Consumerization Nation will be live at 1pm EDT. We'll talk about all the latest from Citrix Synergy.

By Jack Madden 09 May 2012

On Monday AppSense announced that they acquired RAPsphere, a startup that does app-wrapping, and yesterday Citrix announces that CloudGateway will manage mobile apps. Read More

Consumerization news round-up from Citrix Synergy 2012 San Francisco

By Jack Madden 13 May 2012

The big announcement for the week was that Citrix CloudGateway will manage native iOS and Android mobile applications, and wrap them using a technique that's generally referred to as app wrapping. Read More

How much has Citrix really changed in the last 5 years?

By Gabe Knuth 02 Nov 2017

In 2012, I wrote an article speculating what Citrix might look like in five years. With the anniversary of that post approaching, let's revisit what I got right (not much), and wrong. Read More