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Are Android thin clients finally ready to break into the enterprise?

By Gabe Knuth 16 Oct 2017

For years, Android has been pitched as the ideal thin client, but the user experience was never good enough. Today, Android works better in a desktop form factor, and with Unified Endpoint Management looming, the ... Read More

Ok, I'm over Android thin clients, but Windows RT thin clients just might work!

By Gabe Knuth 28 Feb 2013

As noted below by Martin Sheppard, what follows is not actually feasible. The only way you get the ability to access a VDI desktop is if the Windows RT device is a companion to a device that already has SA. Read More

Viewsonic's all-in-one Android thin client managed by XenMobile, from Citrix Synergy 2013

By Justin Meisinger 05 Jun 2013

Gabe Knuth caught up with ViewSonic's Mike Holstein to get a demo of their new 24-inch Android thin client. In this video you'll see XenMobile integration, Citrix Receiver, and hear about the prospects of an ... Read More

Why Android thin clients will rule

By Brian Madden 22 Mar 2011

One of the most exciting things I hope we'll see very soon is thin client devices running Android. I'm not talking about Android netbooks or tablets, rather, I'm interested in an honest-to-goodness legitimate ... Read More

Android thin clients are coming from both ViewSonic and Dell. They look good, but not perfect.

By Gabe Knuth 05 Jun 2013

We've written in the past about how cool Android thin clients would be because we could run mobile apps in the same plane as remote applications, giving us the best of both worlds. Read More

Android Mini-PC: A bit of thin client, a dash of Android apps, a whole lot of disappointment

By Gabe Knuth 17 Jan 2013

Dell Wyse Project Ophelia was still in the news this week, and it even came up in a Business Insider article that positions Ophelia as part of a philosophical change at Dell leading up to an expected leveraged ... Read More

Dell Wyse Cloud Connect falls short in many areas, but management is a bright spot

By Gabe Knuth 22 Apr 2014

I've waffled back and forth on Android thin clients over the years. At first I thought they would be the next evolution of thin clients (which, in thin clients, even an evolution is revolutionary), but after I got ... Read More

Manage iPhone, Android, and thin clients with Wyse Cloud Client Manager (formerly Project Stratus)

By Jack Madden 07 Nov 2012

Today Dell Wyse is releasing their Cloud Client Manager (formerly known as Project Stratus) It brings management for mobile devices, thin clients, and PocketCloud together into one package. Let's take a look at all... Read More

Dell Wyse surprises us with the announcement of Android Mini-PC/thin client, but not in a good way.

By Gabe Knuth 08 Jan 2013

It appears the effects of the Dell acquisition have Wyse making an interesting turn towards the consumer side of the spectrum. Project Ophelia, which was announced at CES and covered fairly extensively around the ... Read More

An update on the Citrix Workspace Hub: Citrix is serious about their low-cost thin client

By Kyle Johnson 30 May 2019

My first look at this thin client option left me feeling like it wasn’t an enterprise device, so let’s get an updated look at where it is nearly a year later. Read More