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What does the GrayKey iPhone unlocking device mean for enterprise mobile security?

By Jack Madden 15 May 2018

Besides being part of a debate that’s been raging for years, it’s a good reminder of some security basics. Read More

What is MDM, MAM, EMM, and UEM, and what’s the difference?

By Jack Madden 08 Jan 2019

Learn about mobile device management, mobile app management, enterprise mobility management, and unified endpoint management. Read More

Infographic: When to use MDM, MAM, and other EMM techniques

By Jack Madden 28 Dec 2018

A visual guide to how Android Enterprise, iOS MDM, and mobile threat defense apply to BYOD, COPE, embedded devices, and the extended enterprise. Read More

We should probably be worried about mobile phishing and social engineering

By Melanie Seekins 19 Jul 2018

We can lock down enterprise devices, networks, and email, but our devices remain susceptible to mobile phishing. Read More

6 Enterprise mobility questions I’m asking in 2018 (And how to answer them)

By Jack Madden 02 Jan 2018

I’ll be watching Windows 10 Modern Management, mobile data breaches, Macs in the enterprise, the future of MDM, and new categories of devices. Read More

Microsoft unleashes Office on mobile devices! What does this mean for enterprise IT?

By Jack Madden 06 Nov 2014

By now you've seen all the great news about Microsoft Office on mobile devices. You can use the mobile Office apps to edit and create documents for free; they plug directly into Dropbox; they work on the iPhone now... Read More

SOTI announces Assist, combined mobile device remote control and helpdesk

By Jack Madden 09 May 2017

Remote control is a standard tool for desktop support, so as mobile devices spread to more enterprise use cases, remote control makes sense for them, too. Read More

The essential enterprise mobility management (EMM) resources, version 1908

By Jack Madden 15 Aug 2019

Want to get started in enterprise mobility? Trying to answer a question? Start with this curated list! Read More

Mobile OSes are a black box. Are you okay with that, or do you want management that goes deeper?

By Jack Madden 16 Aug 2015

From the enterprise management perspective, mobile devices-especially iOS devices-are a restricted black box. So. Read More

iOS jailbreaks and hacks in the news: Here’s what you need to know

By Jack Madden 04 Sep 2019

Yes, it’s significant, but no, it doesn’t completely upend our mobile security model. Either way, it’s a good opportunity to go over security lessons. Read More