MDM (Mobile Device Management)

"Mobile device management (MDM) is a hot subject right now. When iPhone and Android smartphones began invading the enterprise en masse (at first through BYOD) the fear was that they were completely unmanageable. Soon enough, though, APIs were opened up that allowed these new smartphones to be managed almost as tightly as Blackberrys have been managed for years. While the question of whether or not new smartphones (and tablets) can be managed has been put to bed, the debate now is around how to approach MDM. Newer technologies like mobile information management (MIM) and mobile application management (MAM) mean that corporate data and apps can be secured and managed even if the device is not, avoiding some of the issues when managing BYOD. Still, there are a lot of benefits that come with MDM, like being able to turn iPads into kiosks, configuring a whole department's worth of phones at once, and being able to make iPhones into Blackberrys (not literally). Airwatch, MobileIron, Zenprise, BoxTone, and MaaS360 are some of the more prominent leaders in the space, but beyond them there are a ton of other vendors that are getting into mobile device management...seriously...a ton of them. There was a while in 2011-2012 when you couldn't go a week without a new MDM provider being announced—even BlackBerry is getting in on MDM with its Mobile Fusion product."

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