Citrix Desktop Virtualization and Mobility

" Citrix has been around for a long time. Many of us first knew them with their MetaFrame product which was an add-on to Terminal Server. Back then Citrix was a one-product company (and we just called the servers, ""Citrix servers."") But now.. wow! MetaFrame has evolved to Presentation Server which evolved to XenApp. After a decade of dominating the server-based computing industry, Citrix entered the desktop virtualization space with the first products that ultimately evolved into XenDesktop. And let's not forget server virtualization! In 2007 Citrix bought XenSource which led to the creation of Citrix XenServer. But it didn't end there. In early 2009 Citrix announced ""Project Independence,"" a bare-metal client hypervisor that's now called Citrix XenClient. So clearly now Citrix has moved beyond being a one-product company. They have NetScalers and Branch Repeaters and Citrix Receivers and HDX and GoToMyPC... it's crazy now! And we've been here all along, writing about Citrix since 2001. Here's a list of the hundreds and hundreds of stories we've written about Citrix -- both the company and their products. "

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  • Thoughts on Citrix's Linux VDA, plus a video demo from Citrix Synergy 2015

    One of the more surprising things in a relatively unsurprising Citrix Synergy was the round of applause created by the announcement of the Linux VDA Tech Preview. I think it's great, but it's not the kind of announcement you'd think would garner much more than a murmur, let alone get a larger reaction from the audience than the iBand's rendition of "Hey Ya!

  • Citrix's Chris Fleck demoing their "Workspace Hub" Android-on-a-stick prototype

    One of the things that got a lot of buzz at Citrix Synergy a few weeks ago was something called "Citrix Workspace Hub," a prototype Android-on-a-stick you can use to convert any HDMI or VGA display to a full screen extension for your Android or iOS device. You can plug this thing into a display and then wirelessly connect to it via your mobile device.

  • Panzura explains their Global File System and how they can help you deploy XenDesktop from AWS

    I stopped by the Panzura booth at Citrix Synergy to learn more about what they mean when they say "Deploy XenDesktop completely in the cloud." Prior to the show I'd heard from several people that I needed to check them out, and when Panzura was announced as a finalist in the Best New Technology category of the Best of Synergy awards, I had to check them out.

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