Citrix Desktop Virtualization and Mobility

" Citrix has been around for a long time. Many of us first knew them with their MetaFrame product which was an add-on to Terminal Server. Back then Citrix was a one-product company (and we just called the servers, ""Citrix servers."") But now.. wow! MetaFrame has evolved to Presentation Server which evolved to XenApp. After a decade of dominating the server-based computing industry, Citrix entered the desktop virtualization space with the first products that ultimately evolved into XenDesktop. And let's not forget server virtualization! In 2007 Citrix bought XenSource which led to the creation of Citrix XenServer. But it didn't end there. In early 2009 Citrix announced ""Project Independence,"" a bare-metal client hypervisor that's now called Citrix XenClient. So clearly now Citrix has moved beyond being a one-product company. They have NetScalers and Branch Repeaters and Citrix Receivers and HDX and GoToMyPC... it's crazy now! And we've been here all along, writing about Citrix since 2001. Here's a list of the hundreds and hundreds of stories we've written about Citrix -- both the company and their products. "

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