Podcast: Citrix iForum 2005 Round Up

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Citrix iForum is Citrix's annual conference held each October in the US. I attended this year's event (my 11th iForum!)

Citrix iForum is Citrix's annual conference held each October in the US. I attended this year's event (my 11th iForum!) and brought my field recorder with me. I interviewed dozens of people including Jeff Pitsch, Shawn Bass, Tim Mangan, Bernd Harzog, and Kevin Goodman about topics such as Citrix desktop application streaming, 64-bit server-based computing, application migration, and cool vendor products.

If you didn't make it to iForum, you can catch up with what you missed in this 35 minute show.

Be sure to leave your comments about this show. This show is a new type for me. Basically I recorded several hours of content and tried to distill it all down to a half-hour show. This took me a very long time. (Listening to all the interviews, trying to put them into some kind of order and pull out relevant parts, recording bridge text, etc.) The bottom line is that if you think this format is useful, then I'll continue to record conferences and put shows together, so please share your thoughts!

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I listened it in my car, great show Brian!
The thing I don't get about software streaming, Softricity or Citrix, is how proper software licensing is going to be guaranteed? Sure, this is an issue also with VMWare, but streaming makes it that much worse. Unless the software includes some sort of license server, the admin needs to purchase a site license. Otherwise he could very well be in violation of the license agreement. Or he could simply not care ...
Softricity has a license monitor builtin
There’s a lot of cool stuff in the works out there. My favorite comment in regards to Application Performance Monitoring, ‘I see your sharing 4000 MP3s from Kazar… ‘!

Thanks for putting this information together, Brian. This is such a valuable resource.
Jeeez u are a nerd :)
How about other recorded copy u left on the cutting room floor? Are we going to see a part 2? Thanks for this great program.
I played this at my wedding :-)