Podcast #76: VMworld and what Citrix needs to do to stay competitive.

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For this episode of the podcast, there were no guests-just Brian, Gabe, and Jack.

For this episode of the podcast, there were no guests—just Brian, Gabe, and Jack. Here's what we talked about:

  • How to beat the heat in San Francisco using a USB computer cooling fan.
  • Our impressions from BriForum: Storage wasn't as huge as it was in the past. We've been saying storage has been pretty much solved for a while.
  • App refactoring and virtual mobile infrastructure (VMI) were big at BriForum, though.
  • Why Jack thinks figuring out Consumerization of IT is like cracking an egg.
  • The differences between Brian, Gabe, and Jack's writing styles.
  • Windows 10 and Universal Windows apps (there's a lot of confusion).
  • VMworld: How much AirWatch presence will there be? And what's the latest news on integration?
  • Brian is excited about VMworld because of Horizon 6. Brian thinks Horizon and Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop will be neck and neck by the end of 2016.
  • Brian talks about what Citrix should do. (He wrote an article about this, too.)

A transcript of the comments from this podcast (because they were so good!):

Tue Aug 18, 9:50:28am

tim: You'll always want to have 2 UIs, large and small

Tue Aug 18, 9:53:09am

tim: NO. different project for that.

Tue Aug 18, 9:53:38am

tim: Centennial just makes full rich apps deliverable to windows desktop/laptop os only.

Tue Aug 18, 9:55:53am

anon5881: talk about the Citrix elliott thing, you skipped that part

Tue Aug 18, 9:55:53am

tim: I get paid?

Tue Aug 18, 9:55:59am

cendrars: isnt the goal of the whole W10 business is to create a single platform for all compute

Tue Aug 18, 9:56:10am

brian: yeah we'll come back to Elliott

Tue Aug 18, 9:56:25am

cendrars: to hang onto the last question for a moment, i see this whole W10 business as eliminating RDSH

Tue Aug 18, 9:57:12am

brian: re: w10 eliminating RDSH.. man, I dunno. It depends on the reasons for using RDSH in the first place.

Tue Aug 18, 9:58:21am

tim: Some things like refactoring might make RDSH more important.

Tue Aug 18, 10:00:41am

cendrars: as provisioning technology advances the capacity to provision a VM in sub 100ms range creates a dynamic delivery environment which can essentially be delivered from a single OS client platform.

Tue Aug 18, 10:05:14am

cendrars: the platninum conversation is heavily leveraged on Netscaler. For your Elliott conversation.

Tue Aug 18, 10:06:03am

cendrars: the hybrid cloud play has traction in the market. you get the hypervisor in the cloud that you have on prem. no AWS or Azure complexity.

Tue Aug 18, 10:08:33am

cendrars: the VMware workspace product is positioned to offer catalog service to XA 6.5 XD5*. the essential question has migrated from Ruben's "VDY?" to a direct question as to which vendor you will choose and why?

Tue Aug 18, 10:11:23am

travisconley: Citrix has to use netscaler to set them apart against horizon

Tue Aug 18, 10:11:57am

travisconley: and the integration/jumpoff of framehawk

Tue Aug 18, 10:12:12am

tim: Gap between announcement of tech and delivery is generally larger when VMWare announces (But Citrix is trying to catch up on that).

Tue Aug 18, 10:12:13am

anon1699: Brian seriously how late has VMware been to most anything in this space. vGPU anyone? Also they are just as guilty as Citrix of building a bunch of buzz at VMworld and neglecting it

Tue Aug 18, 10:14:02am


Tue Aug 18, 10:14:05am

cendrars: how is it that citrix simply destroyed the XA7 rollout. who was responsible for this disaster? has this level of irresponsibility been removed from the organization?

Tue Aug 18, 10:14:15am


Tue Aug 18, 10:14:44am

cendrars: vmware is revving the View client on a quarterly basis at this point. keep track of feature rollout through the calendar year.

Tue Aug 18, 10:15:50am

anon1699: EUC isn't core to VMware. if they don't expand exponentially in 2-3 years we will be having dump EUC convo again

Tue Aug 18, 10:15:56am

cendrars: it is not feature vs feature. it is future vs future. i have doubt that Elliot can resolve this issue in the market.

Tue Aug 18, 10:16:57am

cendrars: citrix had a 5x plat in 2009, the goal was to be a $5B company by 2014. horrible failure throughout the company. have they even cracked 2.5B at this point?

Tue Aug 18, 10:17:32am

cendrars: they are the leader in XA

Tue Aug 18, 10:17:37am

cendrars: without question

Tue Aug 18, 10:17:39am

travisconley: gotoassist

Tue Aug 18, 10:17:54am

travisconley: grasshopper

Tue Aug 18, 10:18:10am

cendrars: who was the guy at MS that got screwed over with Mark Ts return?

Tue Aug 18, 10:18:14am

anon8525: Total Revenue 2014: $3,142,856. Still way short of $5B

Tue Aug 18, 10:18:19am

cendrars: thx

Tue Aug 18, 10:19:13am

cendrars: there was a high up at MS that was positioned to be CEO at Citrix. MS pulled this fellow back from public presentation in prep for the move. Mark T return took away the opp. what is the outcome of the MS compete conversation?

Tue Aug 18, 10:19:46am

cendrars: there is little to nothing left

Tue Aug 18, 10:20:13am

cendrars: you haven't referenced the near total destruction of citrix techincal support operations

Tue Aug 18, 10:21:31am

cendrars: vision wise citrix has to wait for feature enchancements from HyperV and ESX. XS has been thrown away. what is left to capture the market with.

Tue Aug 18, 10:21:37am

cendrars: i love sharefile!

Tue Aug 18, 10:21:58am

anon1699: XS thrown away? how so?

Tue Aug 18, 10:22:47am

travisconley: sharefile is great... however nobody at Citrix seems to know how to implement and sell it... they might exist, but I can't find them

Tue Aug 18, 10:22:59am

cendrars: it is a direct compete in the hypervisor space. C does not monetize the platform for delivery of XA/XD. C also does not invest in XS in such a way to capture market share as well as offer meaningful delivery platform for XA/XD.

Tue Aug 18, 10:23:10am

cendrars: they have nothing to displace the data center OS.

Tue Aug 18, 10:24:27am

tim: "Will Citrix be a competitor or complement MS"? Answer depends on how much MS trusts the new CEO. They trusted Mark T. It is MSs decision on how that goes in the future.

Tue Aug 18, 10:25:05am

cendrars: to my earlier comment of the MX Exec being hosed by Mark return. tough road from the relationship message.

Tue Aug 18, 10:26:38am

cendrars: i believe want people want is "Web Interface", another huge screw up by Citrix. A solid platform with over 10 years of service that enterprise customers extended to meet their service requirement, tap and go. All of this investment was thrown away for Storefront, a prodcut that was unusable for the first two years of product availability.

Tue Aug 18, 10:27:01am

anon8525: Elliott owns 7.5% - others own 92.5% of CTX

Tue Aug 18, 10:27:35am

cendrars: customers want customization. Look at Okta, outstanding platform for identity management. Customers want options, vendors want the monolitic stack.

Tue Aug 18, 10:29:40am

cendrars: i see MS taking the server OS out of the realm of user application delivery entirely.

Tue Aug 18, 10:30:36am

cendrars: no server OS, and AWS is out of the desktop business.

Tue Aug 18, 10:30:53am

tim: ??? MS still screwing DaaS doesn't aligh with that.

Tue Aug 18, 10:32:30am

cendrars: AWS delivers the server OS as the desktop. removing the server OS from a desktop delivery platform solidifies the client OS as the required platform for apps. BM made the point earlier, VDI on HyperV is the new RDSH.

Tue Aug 18, 10:33:47am

cendrars: have fun out there! some things you can't virtualize!

Tue Aug 18, 10:35:42am

cendrars: when will you be in chicago?

Tue Aug 18, 10:37:01am

cendrars: nice!

Tue Aug 18, 10:37:47am

cendrars: No. we are rooting for the market

Tue Aug 18, 10:37:52am

cendrars: this is about accountability!

Tue Aug 18, 10:38:47am

cendrars: this is an example of the change that is taking place in the market

Tue Aug 18, 10:38:59am

cendrars: what about the work of VMW EUC is disruptive?

Tue Aug 18, 10:39:11am

cendrars: simply copying Citrix is not disruptive.

Tue Aug 18, 10:39:50am

cendrars: Ha! Everything you have still works!

Tue Aug 18, 10:40:01am

cendrars: you are on the downhill path thought! make no mistake!


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