Podcast #75: StarMobile's Todd Fryburger joins to talk app transformation

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On this special edition (i.e. "sponsored") BrianMadden.

On this special edition (i.e. "sponsored") podcast, StarMobile CEO Todd Fryburger joined us to talk about recent attention around app transformation and how their product fits in. If you're not familiar with app transformation (we've written a lot about it), it's the practice of taking an application made for a desktop user and transforming it (or re-factoring it) into a mobile application on the fly with no modification to source code. Until recently, the only way to mobilize a legacy application was to rewrite it or deliver it via some sort of VDI or RDSH session that technically worked but resulted in a less-than-ideal end user experience. App transformation breathes new life into those legacy apps, extending their usefulness to other form factors while leveraging technology that's very familiar to us.

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