Podcast #66: Desktop virt legend Ron Oglesby

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This week, Ron Oglesby joined us on the podcast.

This week, Ron Oglesby joined us on the podcast. This is the second of our new style of podcasts that began last week with Jarian Gibson. The plan is that we'll have as many weekly podcasts as we can with notable people in the industry, and Ron certainly qualifies! We've known Ron since our days on email list, and he came on to talk about everything from the early days of desktop virtualization (including some awesome dinners at Shula's Steakhouse during Citrix iForum) through today. Ron is often credited with coming up with the name "BriForum" at one of those dinners (there was beer involved), and is one of just five people that presented at the first ten BriForums. He's an author, speaker, and the Chief Solutions Architect at Unidesk, and we're excited to have him on the show.

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