Podcast #49 (Special Edition): Citrix talks about XenDesktop and DesktopPlayer

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Dan Cote and Pete Downing joined us to give an update on all things XenClient, which Citrix calls the Local Mode of XenDesktop. Like other sponsored podcasts we've done in the past, it was unplanned which gave Gabe and I a chance to catch up with the team about their products.


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Type 2 HV for Windows....YES PLEASE !!!!


I am doing so much more on my tablets and phones than ever before. I am already running VirtualBox on my Win8 tablet. Look towards BlueStack for examples.

Can one of the primary vendors create a type-1 or type-2 HV for IOS7 or Android?

Pete? The world is waiting for you.



Great question, however I cannot comment or speculate the direction of the product in this type of forum.

What is interesting is running VirtualBox on a Win8 Tablet.  I assume touch  to the guest VM works fine?

For a HV on IOS or Andriod, MDM is solving that for us by 'fencing' applications that are enterprise related from your personal.  Citrix can do this today with XenMobile today.  I would argue this is a solid solution on an IOS or Android.  

Anyway... great points!


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