Podcast #48: Jon Rolls joins us to talk AppSense, desktop virt, and app management

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I'm in London this week for TechTarget's Modern End User Computing show, and it turns out that AppSense's Jon Rolls is also in town.

I'm in London this week for TechTarget's Modern End User Computing show, and it turns out that AppSense's Jon Rolls is also in town. (Funny because we both live in the Bay Area.) Jon runs product management for AppSense's DesktopNow product, and he's the guy who commented, "Looks like we owe an update" when I wrote about rumors of AppSense changing their strategy a few weeks ago. So since we're both in London, we sat down today to catch up (along with Gabe back in the US). In this podcast, we talked about what AppSense is currently up to with DesktopNow (it's not going anywhere) as well as MobileNow and DataNow. We learned that they're all on a trajectory that will hopefully culminate in some sort of end user and management integration sometime in the future. In addition to that, here's what we talked about:


  • Generation 2 VDI is here with newer OSes & technologies, along with more mature solutions and broader use cases
  • In spite of Gen 2 VDI, RDSH keeps popping up as the most appropriate solution in many organizations
  • What do we actually want to follow us around? Data for sure, but what else? Just because we CAN make things follow us, should we?
  • Where layering fits into an application management solution, when you need it and when you don't
  • Jon's history as part of Citrix in the late 1990's and early 2000's and whether or not he had anything to do with Citrix Project Vertigo (it's fun to reminisce!)
  • AFORE Solutions' desktop security product and how AppSense should acquire them




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A non-AppSense related question for Jon (sorry)...

Jon, what do you think the future is for vWorkspace with Dell now you have left (honestly)?

Interesting chat with a Dell employee the other day "v What Space?"... "they" were trying to push a VMware story my way.


Oh Dang! I just realized we forgot to discuss this question Daniel! (We actually talked about it before the show too.) I'll see if Jon can post his thoughts here.


Pre his Ginathon session please.


I'm still a huge fan of vWorkspace and I know Dell have an amazing piece of technology there that they need to sell alongside their 3rd party solutions. I do know that they continue to invest heavily in the Dev and QA teams on vWorkspace, and that Dell has a strategic directive to own and develop its own intellectual property as they become more of a software and services company.

If Michael Dell gets his way today and takes Dell private my guess is that you'll see even more investment directed to their own software and services, and Dell will reduce their hardware and resale focus, but that's all just speculation on my part and not inside knowledge. Time will tell.

Whatever method or platform is used to deliver the Windows desktop is good for us at AppSense. In fact, the more ways there are and the wider range of devices in use, so much the better!


A nice safe answer ;)

But I hope your right... Looks like it is Mr Dell's day today from what I've seen/heard. It's certainly got our Business academics chatty.


@Jon will you ever have a supported version of layers, or is that all dead now?


@appdetective Far from dead, and never say never, but in the short term we prefer to partner with layering specialists


@Jon That's means NO in my book as it shows you have no confidence in your own technology. Partnering therefore probably makes the most sense for you guys. Thanks for the clarification.