Podcast #127: Jon Rolls joins to talk about Ivanti and all things Windows

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AppSense recently became Ivanti, so it was time to catch up, plus there just always seems to be a lot of Windows ideas to talk about.

In episode #127 of the Podcast, Gabe and Jack were joined by Jon Rolls, the VP of Product Management and Product Marketing for AppSense products at Ivanti. Here’s what was covered in the show:

  • What it was like for Jon to have AppSense be acquired by LANDESK, then have LANDESK be acquired by Clearlake Capital and be merged with Heat Software, and then have the name be changed to Ivanti, all in one year.
  • Potential rationalizations and integrations in Ivanti’s product lines.
  • What’s new in AppSense products.
  • Windows Server 2016 and changes to the Start Menu in Windows 10.
  • The future of RDSH, the GUI in Windows Server, and multi-user in Windows 10.
  • Next-generation alternatives to traditional AV, based on artificial intelligence and sandboxing.
  • Will we get to a point where Windows is idiot-proof? Are users breaking things less these days?
  • How long will we have Win32 apps on the endpoint, versus in the datacenter, and how long it will take to get there.
  • Windows 10 MDM.
  • Windows Cloud and its potential market.
  • Microsoft Edge. (We talked about the market share, here is the information that Gabe referenced.)

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