Podcast #114: Brian tells his life story

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Brian Madden's life and career

Gabe is on vacation this week and Jack is at an event, and since Tuesday is podcast day for us and it's just me, I decided to tell my life story. :) Well... "Life Story" as it pertains to my career in IT.

I talked for 2 hours. I have no idea whether this is interesting or not, but it was fun to share. I talked about:

  • Building robots as a kid.
  • Skipping high school to do computer consulting.
  • Dropping out of college.
  • Getting into Citrix.
  • Meeting Gabe.
  • Writing and self-publishing my first book.
  • Quitting my job to do full time.
  • Writing my own blog engine.
  • Starting BriForum.
  • Getting acquired by TechTarget.

I didn't talk too much about the early days of BriForum. When Gabe and Jack are back, we should find Emily (our first event manager) and talk about that as well.

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Really enjoyed the podcast, that's some stamina to keep going for two hours, but it's refreshing in these days of goldfish attention spans to have something hefty to digest for a change.  The tech target acquisition and editorial stance is impressive considering the risk and good to hear real examples of it.

Gabe, you're up!


Thoroughly enjoyed it, thanks Brian!