Live Podcast #47: VMworld 2013 analysis with guest Scott Davis, EUC CTO at VMware

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Brian, Jack, and I recorded a podcast live from the Expo Hall at VMworld 2013 in San Francisco today. This recording took place right after the Day 2 keynote.

Brian, Jack, and I recorded a podcast live from the Expo Hall at VMworld 2013 in San Francisco today. This recording took place right after the Day 2 keynote. We focused on VMware's various EUC announcements, including:

  • How VMware's new vSAN product can help with VDI
  • VMware's new DaaS offering based on Desktone's platform (including how they'll handle Microsoft desktop licensing)
  • VMware's announcements around support for connecting to XenApp published apps from Horizon Workspace
  • Improvements to Horizon View for Horizon Mirage in VDI sessions
  • VMware's mindset around "VDI 2.0"
  • VMware's plans to support iOS 7

(The audio isn't perfect at the beginning as we adjusted to the expo hall, but it gets better after about 10 seconds.)

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Oh we forgot to mention.. if you have questions for Scott you can also post them here as comments.


I have some questions for Scott after reading his blog post.

First a request and statement. Not streaming the day 2 keynote live is CRAP! Please tell the powers that be, its BS! But it may not matter anyway, since the twitter feeds suggest nothing of substance was really shown in the keynote for EUC. Disappointment, so also tell the powers that be, if you care that little about EUC, why should people trust VMware to deliver anything?

1. I LOVE that VMware is moving into DaaS. But why isn’t the licensing cost mentioned?

2. View and Desktone have different architectures, won’t that lead to complexity and hold you back?  XenDesktop 7 has had major changes to bring together XenApp and XenDesktop under a single management architecture. This aims directly at the marketing message that Desktone put out here asking Citrix Merlin to do his magic. So will VMware now have to hire their own Merlin to merge the two? Why not buy them, to avoid another Teradici mess. Low $ perhaps?

3. What gaps does Scott think VMware have to address enterprise desktop needs?

4. Is Mirage for VDI supposed to be the VMware answer to this whole persistent vs. non-persistent debate? When is that coming? Will it solve the problem?

5. vSan is v1 and its benefits are something we have been to able achieve with other storage technologies, so what’s all this about VDI 2.0? What happens to those other solutions now?

6. If I don’t want to use vCAC to provision desktops, will VMware still help me?

7. Where’s the mobile innovation? Sorry project Orcha is just a file type association and tiny feature. What happened to AppBlast? What do you think of the MobileIron announcement today if you have seen it?