Brian & Gabe LIVE from VMworld 2011 with guest Brian Gammage

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Gabe & Brian sat down with VMware's Brian Gammage to discuss the desktop and end user aspects of VMworld.


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The industry does not need a Type 1 Client Hypervisor.

The Type 2 Hypervisors work fine for 95% of users who would even use them.

The market may be for full time IT people, Engineers and true power users but this is only 5 % of the total user population.

One of the problems with the current Client Type 1 Hypervisors is that the VMs are not compatible with the data center host hypervisors.

I think VMware is making a big blunder by not staying focused on vSphere.

They are also making a mistake with the new licensing model.

They need to keep this simple. Charge by the number of cores but do not put a restriction on RAM for the host or the VMs.

It would also be best for VMware to eliminate all the different editions and put all the features in one edition.

This is just my oppinion - why do we need all the editions/options and complexity - KISS


Licensing is tied to revenue and therefore, will never be simple.  

As far as editions are concerned, all IT people hate multiple editions but this too is tied to cost and therefore, we won't be getting away from it from any vendor anytime soon.  VMware needs to get paid for all the development work that goes into all the cool new features of ESXi/View/etc.  However, many customers don't need all those features so there are lower level "editions" to make it cheaper for them.  They need to sell to sell to as many people as possible, thus we have multiple price point options with licensing and editions.  It's the world we live in...


"Impractical for the industry" to have a type-1 hypervisor for mobile devices? I had respect for him before I heard him say that.

No offense, but Brian Gammage is sounding more and more like a Chief Market *ing* Technologist to me.

VMware has a long road ahead of them... The market leader has a wide head start being deployed with OKL4 on over 1.4 billion devices advertised at least a year ago.