Brian & Gabe LIVE #21: Guise Bule joins us to talk about tuCloud, security, and Microsoft

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This week, Guise Bule from tuCloud joined us on Brian & Gabe Live. You may know Guise as the CEO of tuCloud, and while we wanted to ask about how all that works, we invited Guise on to talk about his latest activity in the ongoing Microsoft/OnLive licensing fiasco.

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Overall I question his assertion that VDI is drastically more secure than SBC.  APT has become a boondoggle for INFOSEC companies.

Monitoring EGRESS and points and actually having a clue as to what is leaving your network is a proper method for monitoring for APT.  If it's not IE, Firefox or Outlook and it's not port 443 or port 80 than you may look into it.

I am constantly stunned at the fact that IT Security does not have the level of innovation of a Mall Security guard.  I hear all this chest beating about what they blocked but the few malicious packets that have come in, can take whatever they want and leave unmolested.  How about monitoring the exit guys?  

I am not questioning the solution, the hosted desktop will work but it is a rather drastic approach to take as an alternative to lazy EGRESS monitoring.

I guess if "War is the health of the state" CyberWar is the health of the industry?

Sorry for the rant, APT is a bit of a soap box issue for me.