BriForum 2010 will be June 15-17 in Chicago; early-bird reg now open

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Who can believe it's already time to start planning our eighth BriForum conference which will take place June 15-17, 2010, at the Hilton Chicago.

Who can believe it’s already time to start planning our eighth BriForum conference which will take place June 15-17, 2010, at the Hilton Chicago. (This is the same hotel as last year.)

We’re building on the success of the past seven BriForums and keeping BriForum 2010 in the same format: three days (Tues-Thurs), 50+ technical breakout sessions, all independent technical sessions from members of the community, DEMO Lab, Day 1 party (offsite with real food this year), Day 2 Geek Out, etc.

Pricing is the same as last year too, with early bird registration available now for $995. (This price will be valid for awhile... at least into February.)

If you want to speak at BriForum 2010:

We will officially announce our “call for papers” in January, but we know the deadlines for those interested:

Phase 1 submission deadline: Feb 1
Phase 1 announcement of acceptance / rejection: Feb 15
Phase 2 submission deadline: April 1
Phase 2 announcement of acceptance / rejection: April 15
Abstracts / bios due: May 1
BriForum begins: June 15

There’s no real difference between the “Phase 1” and “Phase 2” submission dates. Having two phases means that if you’re ready to submit a session soon, then we can notify you of your acceptance or rejection sooner than the final April 15 date.

The deal for speakers will be the same as past years also. We will pay for your airfare, hotel, and conference admission. You agree to give an awesome independent technical presentation.

If you want to register before the end of the year

The new website and registration page is not yet live, but we know that a lot of people want to be able to pay for their BriForum 2010 attendee registration with 2009 budget dollars. So if this is you, you can contact Jennette Barry ( or +1 781-657-1514 and she can process your credit card manually or make sure that you get an invoice by the end of the year. (And again, just to be clear, we will have the same early-bird price of $995 available into 2010 as well when the real registration opens. This thing with Jennette is mainly for people who need to get this transaction done in 2009.)

Seriously? The same hotel as last year?

Yeah, seriously. We wanted to move the event to June so that attendees from Europe had a better chance of attending (since July is a big holiday month in Europe). Unfortunately Chicago is VERY busy for events around this time of year, and the Chicago Hilton was the only space we could get during that time for four consecutive days. (Three days of BrIForum plus our pre-conference load-in day.)

All-in-all the hotel wasn’t too bad. I loved the layout (with the four breakout rooms around the central DEMO lab and food area). The only real downside is that many cell phones didn’t work down there. (Well, actually, a lot of people commented that that was actually an upside!)

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Excellent, the Cubs have evening home games that week!


It is still December 09! and this already scheduled?



Are there any plans Brian to re-introduce a European BriForum?


Erm, is that a No then? ;-)   The June dates are certainly much better for us Europeans  - flights are cheaper and there's not a clash with summer holidays.  I had to miss BriForum 09 because the last day was the first day of my holiday!  So this is great news.


Just realised though that BriForum falls during the World Cup!