Audio interview with Kevin Goodman, architect of Citrix's virtual memory optimization technology

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One of the new features of Citrix Presentation Server 4.0 is virtual memory optimization management.

One of the new features of Citrix Presentation Server 4.0 is virtual memory optimization management. This feature lets you put more users on a server and generally enables applications to load faster.

Virtual memory optimization technology is not new to the server-based computing world. It’s been around for years in RTO’s TScale product. (Some people might also know it as “DLL memory address rebasing.”) Citrix licensed the TScale technology from RTO when they created Presentation Server 4.0.

All most people know about this technology is that it “does something” to the DLLs to change the way they use virtual memory.

In this show, Brian Madden has a conversation with Kevin Goodman, the architect and patent-holder of this virtual memory optimization technology. Kevin will provide very detailed description of how this technology works, how you and test and manage it, and when it should and shouldn’t be used.

Utilities Mentioned in the show

Streams is a utility that lets you see when TScale / Citrix memory optimization management is causing a DLL or EXE to read it's data from an alternate stream. (i.e. this thing lets you see this technology in action!)

GUI Utility from RTO for modifying Citrix Presentation Server 4.0 Memory Optimization Management Features. (available soon...)

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Very nice. I was wondering when someone was going to do a Citrix podcast.
I was wondering where Brian has been but, looks like he's been hard at work coming up with new ways to get information to us.

Oh yea the interview good also.
I've been on a mental holiday this summer. Not too much working. No IM... just relaxing. But now I'm starting up again.. Look for a lot of cool stuff and tons of new articles in Sept and Oct.

Don't blame you. Are you giving any presentations at iForm in Vegas this year? Maybe the Hard Rock will be as nice as it was in March.
What a great way to share information. I had no idea T Scale was part of PS 4 and the extent to what was going on behind the scenes with the simple memory optimization check box! That’s pretty sweet that RTO is making the expanded tools available for free too.

Congrats Brian! Thanks Kevin, for the great information!
The rebase tool Kevin mentions is available in the Windows Server 2003 Platform SDK available at:

More information about it is at:

I was going to do this years ago with Thin Radio but had no time.
Good Job Brian!
Jim Kenzig
Was i right to understand that Tscale as it was known before is now close to 'fully integrated' under the 'memory optimization'-cover in CPS 4.0 and with the free download from the RTO site we can do almost the things you could with Tscale before? this is great and the oppportunity to download the tool for exclusions and the likes is great!

Nice work on the interview, thank you Kevin for the information, even I understand whats in the Voodoo-box of memory optimization now :)

Great Idea Brian, hope to see and hear many new streams :)

Absolutely interessting pod cast !!

Hope the next one will come online soon !

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