iForum Edinburgh - EdgeSight announcements and notes

I'm here at iForum Edinburgh, and when I woke up this morning, I was planning on having an article all about Citrix EdgeSight on the website before the US East Coast had their morning coffee....Then I went to the EdgeSight session here.

I'm here at iForum Edinburgh, and when I woke up this morning, I was planning on having an article all about Citrix EdgeSight on the website before the US East Coast had their morning coffee.

...Then I went to the EdgeSight session here. 

Citrix announced (I'll call it "released" when I see the bits on the website) EdgeSight 4.5 (the current version is EdgeSight 4.2), which is the first Citrix-y version of EdgeSight. Version 4.2 was pretty much a find & replace effort to replace "Reflectent" with "Citrix" in the software and documentation.

What I saw gave me a little bit more hope for the future of EdgeSight, and made some of the things I was going to write about irrelevant. Don't get me wrong - there are still some steps that need to be taken, but the overall experience appears to be a bit more pleasurable.

Among the announced new features of EdgeSight 4.5 are:

  • Full x64 support for Presentation Servers and endpoints
  • Full Vista endpoint support
  • More presentation server metrics (more info on these to follow)
  • Real Time and Alert dashboards to provide an at-a-glance view of the environment (Think RM, but with EdgeSight granularity and drill-down capabilities)
  • My favorite - You can now peer into the logon process and see exactly how long each phase of the logon process is taking. Those of you with the two minute logons should be pretty happy about that!

Also announced along side of EdgeSight 4.5 is the new EdgeSight for Load Testing version 2.5. Originally called TLoad and made by Scotland's own thinGenius, EdgeSight for Load Testing is the newest (first?) addition to the EdgeSight grouping of products.

EdgeSight for Load Testing claims to enable single button recording of user activity, which can then be scripted against and played back to simulate load. The product simulates infrastructure conditions such as network performance and WAN connections.

Stay tuned for more info on the latest version of EdgeSight. If I learn more this week, I'll post it here. Otherwise, keep your eyes peeled for a write-up about EdgeSight and my experiences with it in the next few weeks.

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I look forward to your updated article (although it would have been interesting to see what you have written before this EdgeSight announcement). There's no doubt EdgeSight has tremendous potential for end-to-end monitoring, troubleshooting, and reporting. I say "potential" because I have heard the marketing hype and it sounds like this is the perfect software tool but only to find out that oops, it can't do this yet - it can't monitor these devices/OS's yet - but it will! Really!

I got a perplexed look on the face of a customer when my response to their EdgeSight softball lob to me came back to them as "version 5 will be astounding, but the current 4.2 just isn't there yet". Again, they were just reading the hype and not asking deep questions about what it can do now.

It sounds like with version 4.5 the shovel has at least begun to touch the new ground it is supposed to be breaking. Here's to a strong future in EdgeSight!

I see Citrix have released EdgeSight 4.5, and EdgeSight for Load Testing. Sounds like these are two separate products. I thought the load testing features were going to be part of EdgeSight, in the next version of EdgeSight, beyond version 4.5, in 2008. I guess Citrix have an EdgeSight "product line" now, rather than an EdgeSight "product", so things we thought would be in later versions of EdgeSight, may actually be in separate EdgeSight products. In fact, the load testing features were originally scheduled for 2008, beyond 4.5, but they're available now (as a separate product), so this has been brought forward. I wonder how the licensing and cost has changed, with the new EdgeSight product line?


Just so you guys know, I recorded some cool podcasts (at least I think they are) with some members of the EdgeSight team today, and they'll be posted soon.
Any word on when Edgesight licenses will be compatible with existing ASLS implementations instead of needing its own, separate license server?

Well it is great to hear that Citrix is coming along following their roadmap for Edgesight, however i personall dont like the fact that they now seem to grind a bit more gold making every new feature a new product. One thing is the fact that it will most likely be licensed on it own, which is ofcourse something customers do not appreciate the real problem as i see it is that the thought of Citrix solving you problems is turning into .. "We solved one problem, if you want another problem to go away, buy a new product."

I would go for fewer products, more features, a bit more expensive licensing, more tools in the toolbox to approach solving problems for companies.. any day..


You can hear more in the podcast when it goes live, but the licensing has been fixed and is now compatible with your existing Citrix License Servers.

Maybe if the load testing was just part of EdgeSight, rather than being a separate product, Citrix were thinking it wouldn't be taken as seriously in the load testing market, against products like Mercury's etc.  I thought the load testing was going to be part of EdgeSight, instead of part of the EdgeSight product range though, and it looks like I'd have to part with more money and have a yet more complicated licensing model to use that.  It would surely have placed EdgeSight in a better position too, with load testing built in - after all, Citrix are trying to convince us that EdgeSight has the advantage over the likes of PinPoint, PerformanceGuard etc, and an all-in-one product would have helped.


Hi Gabe,

A little while back I had a Customer (Education) asking me how he could integrate EdgeSight Agents with his many Thin clients that we deployed over a large area. He had some Contractors have a go, but we all know it's going to be an uphill battle unless it's designed correctly in the first place? and Even then it's an odds on bet that it probably still won't work? 

What I would like to know is how many people (organizations) would be interested in Thin Clients **IF** it could be proved to work correctly?

I am now working with Neoware as the SE covering ANZ/Asia and I have a feeling that this **might** actually be possible, but it would take quite a bit of work, and I'm just wondering if there are other Organizations who would be interested?

If so I'll have a chat to Steve Gorman and the rest of the EdgeSight crew to see what can be engineered?



EdgeSight for Presentation Server doesn't require an agent on the client. EdgeSight for Endpoints does, however you'll only need this version if you have local running apps (or in case you have both published and local apps, you would need both EdgeSight for CPS and EdgeSight for Endpoints licenses).



Version 4.5 of EdgeSight for CPS now uses the CPS license server. Previous versions have their own licensensing server, but that can run on the EdgeSight server, hence no separate licensing server required.


Also, where is the "tighter" integration with NetScaler and WanScaler that was promised? Now I understand it is supposed to be in the 5.0 timeframe, but when is that going to be if the actual 4.5 bits are not ready yet? We looked at PerformanceGuard but it is too expensive and doesn't scale that well.  What is PinPoint?

PinPoint is a performance management \ monitoring tool from RTO Software - http://www.rtosoft.com/Products/PinPoint/PinPoint.htm

Hi Gabe,

 I assume that "EdgeSight for Load Balancing" should write "EdgeSight for Load Testing" at the beginning of the last but one chapter? Or is that one more product in the product line? :-) And what would be the licensing scheme for that product? :-)

Regards Josef


In my opinion a "End to End Monitoring solution", and this is what Citrix claims Edgesight to be should be capable of monitoring the complete way of a application delivered to a user/client.

E.g. in a SAP envirnment we have to have an eye on the SAP database servers, the SAP application servers, the Citrix Application server, the citrix client devices, the networks in between these components and many more things not to mention here in that listing.

Separating Edgesight for CPS and Edgesight for Endpoints makes no sense for me, except from a licensing point of view (earning additional money).

Do I get something wrong here?

Regards Josef

It has been my undertstaning that EdgeSight's true value comes to light when it is used in conjunction with the agent running on the client to report back the client-side perspective of what's going on.  Until this can be handled by thin clients, it's going to be an uphill battle getting a lot of buy-in.  I took a look at it (v4.2 mind you) for our environment, and it just didn't cut it.  Maybe 4.5 or 5.0 will... I'll wait and see.
No, you're right.  Good Eye!
There is no mention in the 4.5 docs about support for thin clients. The PinPoint product that was mentioned above supports thin clients, but it doesn't support NetScaler. (which is something we were expecting in EdgeSight 4.5) What is the timeframe for 5.0? Is it in the Delaware time frame (2008)? Or, Parra (2009)?
Brian mentioned at pubforum that there was a product which provided montioring inside the ICA tunnel, I think it was called something like visualnetworks, has anyone seen or used this ? Does anyone know who produces it ? Will Edgesight eventually have this functionality ?
Is this supported? does it work? I can only see that it is not supported in version 4.2