XenDesktop Tech Preview delayed until early November

From an article by Michel Roth at ThinComputing.net, it looks like the XenDesktop Tech Preview that was slated to be released on 29 October has now been postponed.

From an article by Michel Roth at ThinComputing.net, it looks like the XenDesktop Tech Preview that was slated to be released on 29 October has now been postponed. According to a post in the Citrix forums, "The Tech Preview Kit will be available in early November."

That's not terribly surprising, as there hasn't been a whole lot of time since the completion of "The Acquisition," but it is a little bit of a bummer. After so much hype at iForum, lots of people (myself included) were very excited to get their hands on it, as much for XenSource as for Ardence Desktop.

Keep your eyes here and on Citrix's XenDesktop page, and we'll cross our fingers that Citrix can put out a good product sometime in the next few weeks. Personally, I'd rather see a good release than something shoehorned into an unrealistic timeframe, so I'm glad their taking the time that they need. So long as it's not too long.

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I've heard that the Desktop Server component is ready (Tech Preview that is), but that the Provisioning Server and XenServer components are delaying it. Selected partners should be able to get access to the Desktop Server component already. The rest needs to wait....

XenDesktop is NOT delayed. Only the TechPreview kit. You can read that in Michael's article. So you might wanna change the subject of your post to something less sensational and make it actually accurate, reflecting the article. Yeah I know, it's hard to be objective.

Also before everyone goes bananas about functionality and stability: seeing as it will be a preview which is probably lots of Beta code anyway, don't start doing the whiney whiney when something doesn't yet work as intended.

And no, i'm not a Citrix employee, but I have a friend who's an Citrix SE and occasionaly we chat about Citrix, and I use their products in my own environment at work also. And I like them very much. It's a shame my boss didn't allow me to go to IForum this year but I got my updates on the new stuff anyway.

Back on the title: Must be a "scene"-thing to criticize Citrix at every occasion you can get , even if its a small one... These comments from you all the time hardly help in people taking you seriously btw. I suggest you really get more professional in your writing. This site is more and more starting to form into a personal opinion blog anyway, instead of a good allround site about SBC, Virtualisation and delivery... and that's mostly due to all the infantile posts you guys keep headlining.

Then again, sometimes it's very amusing to read though. Especially when you are way off the mark regarding new products :P
But sometimes you're also spot-on, gotta give you credit for that. But please be more professional.
I agree with the first part - so I changed the title to say that the Tech Preview is delayed. That's my bad, for sure.

As for my objectivity, how was I not objective? Also, how was I critical/unprofessional? I actually asked them to take their time and put out a decent release, since there is so much buzz about it. It would suck if even the Tech Preview was a forced effort, so I'm happy to wait.
Good point about the title. We'll change that. As for the rest, about the slamming of Citrix... Mark T was on stage, on video, in front of 4000 people, and said that everyone in that room could go to the website and download XenDesktop next week. So if that doesn't happen, I think it's something we should report about.

I think we've written a lot of very positive stuff about Citrix. (And whenever I do, anonymous commenters post things like "Oh Brian! Now you're falling for it. Citrix has gotten to you!") So I guess as long as we can balance what people perceive as the "pro Citrix" and "anti Citrix," then we're doing fine. (Although I'd really like people to believe that we're writing what we find interesting, regardless of whether it's pro- or anti- anything.)

To that end, and as for this site turning into a personal opinion blog, it's always been a personal opinion blog. This is why it's not included in Google News. We are not InternetWeek. (Nor do we want to be). This site has always been about my opinions. And as we've expanded to other authors and bloggers, I've encouraged them to write their own opinions too.

But, Guest, you seem to have opinions of your own which are well-reasoned. So if you ever want to share them in a blog or an article on this site, you're more than welcome to. Just email me and we'll add your views to the conversation about this industry. (You will have to shed the Guest shield though.)
You may not be a Citrix employee, but you ought to be!!!
I'm an industry analyst covering the virtualization space for a leading research firm, and I would like to put my two cents in regarding the previous post that was critical of the content on BrianMadden. I have nothing but the greatest respect for both Gabe and Brian and appreciate their informal and honest opinions on this website, as well as the thoughts of others within the MaddenSpere. This is not Victorian England, this is business; and the frank writing, and the opinionated way in which they express their ideas, add an element of honesty to the website.
I agree completely with Gabe, Citrix risks losing the mindshare and excitement that they built up at Iforum (or the Application Delivery Expo) if they significantly delay getting the tech preview into the hands of prospects.
I believe this website is informal and educational and as such a great resource in getting thoughts from people with their "feet on the street" as it were.
Brilliant work guys, keep it up! And GUEST; stop being such a baby.
I'm a very special customer, and we don't have jack yet. Boo hoo Mark T. Next time, please don't get me so excited, you're begining to act like MS, delay delay delay. Keep it up and they may want to buy you based on cultural fit.
You're not an industry analyst.

Let the guy share his own opinion. There are plenty of people who agree with his post. Brian is a Citrix basher first and foremost. Anyone who has read his "opinions" over the years knows that. It's how he makes a living.
I started using Provision Networks VDI VAS and love it. So much so we're planning to deploy their TS part as well and gradually eliminate CPS. I'm tired of paying through the nose for not much.
This site really turned to a Citrix bashing tabloid. A more sensational newsflash a better. You lost your professionality long time ago.
I'm thinking that there seem to be a few posters here claiming to have opinions but always hiding (intentional or otherwise) behind Guest? Come on chaps, if you really want to debate it, drop the cloak and register?
Why? There is "guest" functionality on this site. Why does it matter if I post as "guest" if my post is written professionally and with facts to back up my post?

What facts? I haven't seen one fact in any of these flamebait posts from Guest!
Then take out the guest funcionality

That's awesome! I never claimed to be a professional journalist at all, so thanks!

As for all the pro-Citrix articles that we write, how are those classified? (I just did a quick scan through the last 100 or so articles, and I would say it's like 4-to-1 for the ration of "pro" Citrix vs. "anti" Citrix, if you want to classify them in that way.)

And the articles that are "pro" Citrix, we have the exact same guest comments, except those are saying things like "You are nothing but a mouthpiece for Citrix," and "I can't believe that you are buying into the crap they're [Citrix] feeding you."

So apparently I'm pandering for page views on both fronts then! :)
I like the guest functionality because it gives people the option to rise above the fray. If a poster has the guts to stand behind what they say, then they can do it. And if they want to state facts with no proof as guest, then they can do that too.

If you look at the sites that do not accept guest postings, you just end up with all these "named accounts" called "guest poster" and "Citrix guy" and "Guest1234," etc., with registered email addresses like brianmaddensux@hotmail.com and ihatebrian@gmail.com, etc. So whatever. The Internet allows people to be anonymous, regardless of whether a login is required.
So, if a poster has the "guts to stand behind what they say, then they can do it" only with a registered account? "And if they want to state facts with no proof as guest, then they can do that too".

Brian, you are getting emotional again. You might not like what some people have to say and only like your opinion, however, giving people the freedom to post without having to be called out time and time again by you should be reason enough to have guest functionality. There are posters out there with real facts from Citrix, Microsoft, VMWare, Virtuozzo, etc. that need the guest functionality to ensure this sight gives real readers the facts they need.

This sight is filled with "sensationalism" trying to drive people to its stories. I find it very funny now that Brian states this blog is a "personal opinion blog" and that "it's always been a personal opinion blog.". I recall from years past when Brian tried to get into various functions as a true journalist only to be turned down time and time again. This caused him to get quite furious and to lash out at some of these vendors on his site (Citrix again, anyone!?!).

Brian: Stick to the facts. There was a time not too long ago that your site was filled with angry emotion toward the vendors. You are getting close to that again. Drop the emotion, write facts and don't make recommendations until you have actually tried what you recommend. Maybe then, you will truly be considered a journalist. Something that people close to you know that you actually want to be seen as.
I'd give you my name, but I'd get fired :-) The guest functionality allows people that need to stay anonomous; stay anonomous. Plus, its obvious that anyone giving away anything other than opinions (like company "secrets") is either an idiot, or is liying. Anyone who speaks with Citrix under NDA is not going to violate that and put themselves in legal jeapordy in order to post something on a blog.
This blog keeps getting longer, but I'd like to reiterate that I think this site is great.
Joel Spolsky wrote an interesting piece about anonymous posts (he doesn't like them):

I personally hardly ever post anonymously. On those rare occasions that I do I'm actually more careful about what I write and tone down the rhetoric.
crawl back in your hole and write some more 30-year old terminal emulation crap...
Obvisously Joel hasn't had a real job at a real company, who will not allow you to post anything that may be considered giving away IP for free. So 'GUEST' posts are really useful, because the folks who execute this stuff in the real world and are gaged have a voice. Brian please please don't kill guest.
As I indicated, I do see some value in anonymous posts. But your hate-filled post is just making Joel's point.
I recently wrote a blog post about people like you:
> Obvisously Joel hasn't had a real job at a real company
That's really funny! Joel was PM for Excel at Microsoft. He was one of the designers of VBA:

> who will not allow you to post anything that may be considered giving away IP for free
This may be true, but none of the anonymous posts in this particular thread contain any such IP, nor anything else of real value IMO

> Brian please please don't kill guest
This is, obviously, Brian's choice. As I indicated, I personally do see some value in anonymous posts. But maybe some post moderation is also required.

Phase one – This Monday’s release of CXD TPK will include XenDesktop and XenServer.
Phase two – Later this month the CXD TPK will encompass XenDesktop, XenServer, Provisioning Server (Aka Ardence), and a setup tool for desktop provisioning.
really... you still consider your terminal emulation crap to be real and valuable IP these days...?? You sound like a fossil.
We come here, most of us, almost every day, because it's a great forum for learning about industry innovations and direction. I find it a bit sad that people lash out in sad, child-like behavior like what's been posted above here. Anyone who find pleasure in bashing other folks here needs to move on to web-sites more geared toward that sort of thing, there are a million of them out there. It's not welcome, from my point of view. Please check all egos at the door and keep your personal comments to yourself. I don't agree 100% with everything that is posted here (technically) but I learn something new here almost every day and can appreciate the hard work that goes into making this site the great resource that it is.

For what it's worth, we will keep guest posting enabled. We're also going to add the ability to give a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" to posts (just like slashdot, digg, and all the rest), so that the community can "bury" the crap posts, anonymous or not. (This will also let the community highlight and reward the valuable posts, again, anonymous or not.)
Thumbs down on the previous post. :)
Thanks for suporting those guest posters who do care and would like a voice to add value to the community.
John, I agree. This is a great resource and this bickering is B.S. I don't personally care about personal opinion. I come here almost daily to get insight into new trends and technologies and the see what others are saying. There no need for bashings, were all professionals to some extent. Let's keep it professional and fun without the moaning.

"The first release of the Citrix XenDesktop Tech Preview Kit includes a desktop delivery controller(XenDesktop Server, the next generation of Citrix Desktop Server) and the Xen virtualization infrastructure (XenServer Enterprise). Please use the Tech Preview Kit forum link on the left for technical help with the kit. STAY TUNED, there’s more on the way! Within a few weeks, we will release more components of the XenDesktop Tech Preview Kit, including desktop provisioning technologies and an easy-to-use, wizard-driven setup tool. Please keep checking this site for updates."