Wyse announces new PC to thin client converter along with other software updates

Wyse is also announcing ThinOS 8.5, Wyse Management Suite 1.1, and a Windows kiosk tool called Wyse Easy Setup.

Wyse is making broad set of software announcements today. Of course Gabe always covered thin clients for BrianMadden.com, but now that he’s moved on, it’s my turn. The last time I covered Wyse personally was when I was following the MDM capabilities in Project Stratus, which is to say that it’s been a while, so give me some slack.

The biggest net new announcement is the Wyse Converter for PCs. There have been many PC to thin client tools over the years, including Wyse PC Extender, so how does this new one stack up?

Wyse Converter for PCs runs on top of Windows 7 or Windows 10 and locks it down, instead of completely replacing it. It works with any OEM, and there’s no need to worry about driver compatibility or anything like that.

Customers can deploy the Wyse Converter for PCs with their existing PC management tools. It contains the Wyse Device Agent, so once it’s up and running it will check in and enroll with the Wyse Management Suite.

Wyse is positioning this as a quick way to take advantage of existing Windows 7 PCs, but of course Windows 7 will hit its end of life in just under two years, so customers have to either run them with Windows unsupported (some might be okay with this considering that it will be locked down), upgrade the underlying PC OS to Windows 10, or just replace them with a real thin client.

The rest of today’s announcements are straightforward. There are updates with ThinOS 8.5 and Wyse Management Suite 1.1, and they’re announcing a new tool to lock down Windows into a kiosk mode, called Wyse Easy Setup. I’m not going to rehash everything here because I don’t have much commentary to add, but you can find the pertinent details in their press release.

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