Why I’m not speaking at VMworld 2009

I've received several emails from folks who can't find my session on the VMworld agenda. Did VMware kick me out because of my session last year?

I’ve received several emails from folks who can’t find my session on the VMworld agenda. Did VMware kick me out because of my session last year? Or because of what I wrote about them misleading people. (Twice!) Or because of my article questioning their long term desktop strategy? Or maybe I’m boycotting VMworld because of their anti-competitive policies.

The truth, I’m afraid, is much more mundane. I’m not speaking at VMworld this year because I missed the session submission deadline. (d’oh!)

Last year I did the “TS versus VDI” session at VMware in the US and in Europe. (video) It was an awesome session that was repeated at both shows and packed the room every time, but I felt that I needed a new topic for this year as I didn’t want to become typecast as the VDI-versus-TS guy. I had a few rough ideas, but nothing that I really loved right away, so I planned to figure it out “later.” And sure enough, one thing led to another, and I completely forgot about presenting. It’s actually one of those things that just popped into my head randomly one day. “Crap! I forget about my session!” Of course by that point I had missed the deadline by several weeks. :(

So I will be at VMworld next week as an attendee, not a speaker. Gabe will be there too. We’ll be attending sessions and twittering from the keynote and recording a Brian Madden TV episode and talking to as many folks as we can. Sure, we’re going to view it as a “VMware event” and not an “industry event,” but we have a lot of questions for a lot of vendors that we hope to get answered next week.

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I don't think people realize how much work is actually involved/required in coming up with the content as well as the demos (which make it interesting) for a winning presentation.  Frankly to a certain degree, I don't want to do anymore conference presentations ever without a rock solid demo to back it up.  

Then you have the shipping costs of the equipment, the demo build out time at the conference (even if it pre-staged, you still ALWAYS have bugs).  You also have to worry about network drops, etc.  

It takes a considerable amount of time before and during conferences.  I don't know about anyone else, but I have never been paid for presenting at any of the Big Conferences (Iforum, Summit).  The only person who has ever actually done anything cool for the presenters is Brian, because he pays expenses, but the presentations for BriForum themselves are all done out of interest and the drive to get the real information out to the trench warriors, who are ultimately the people who decide if something fails or succeeds as a solution based on reality.

It was probably your subconscious forgetting accidently on purpose!

Seriously take a break, just thinking of the work and herculean effort you and your team put into Briforum, deserves a long nap (like six months)


Hmm, and here I thought it was because of your tweet about “hello freedom”  J/K

I am sure you will be busy enough even though you aren’t presenting.

I will be there. I am looking forward to getting away and spending some time with old friends.


I blame Brian for giving VMWare the chance to give him a polite FU.......

Looking forward to your coverage next week. I'm certainly not wasting time attending VMWare ONLY world.

Yippie for BriForum. Maybe I will attend one day. Good to see the Citrix response to open up. Let's see if they do.....


Typecasting aside, the TS v VDI topic is something that is probably worth revisiting some time soon.  

What we tend to think of as VDI has matured/shifted/expanded somewhat in the past year. desktop hypervisor technology is getting ready to go mainstream and with the forthcome release of VM Hosted Apps Citrix are doing their best to muddy the waters by blurring the line between XenApp and XenDesktop.

Perhaps not a topic for today, but certainly before the end of the year.


I second that Simon.  We all not that Citrix has the Best Marketing Machine on the planet.  I heard someone refer to Citrix as a marketing company once and I could not argue:)


I meant "know" not not:) Sorry multi taking, clearly a problem for me.


@appdetective -  But if you attend BriForum aren't you worried your shroud of secrecy would be shattered ;)

Seriously if you ever do decide to come out of the shadows, I'd love to buy you a beer and chat for a few.



Looking forward to your questions and resulting tweets.  Be sure to tell the MS & Citrix booths that size doesn't matter ;0

--N Timothy Aho (http://twitter.com/el_bonobo)